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Pokémon Seek & Find

Pokémon Seek & Find is one of three promotional PC games developed by Left Brain Games and originally distributed by Perdue Chicken in 2006.

The player is tasked with looking for a specific Pokémon out of a group. The player first chooses between May or Ash as their Trainer. They then pick Level 1, 2, or 3. Each level uses different methods to identify the Pokémon that the player must find. The player must find 10 Pokémon in order to win on each level. Each level will have an area for the group of Pokémon and an area to specify which Pokémon to find. This area includes a Hint Window, which shows a shadow of the Pokémon, and below it will be a corresponding hint as to which Pokémon it is.


In Level 1, there is no time limit to find the required 10 Pokémon.

The hint for each Pokémon is simply the name of the Pokémon - "Find the Poliwag."

In Level 2, there is a 7 minute time limit to find the required 10 Pokémon.

The hint is the Pokémon's name with a verb in front of it - "Find the pouncing Mankey."

In Level 3, there is a 2 minute time limit to find the required 10 Pokémon.

The hint is a more Pokédex approach to the Pokémon, without given the direct name of the required Pokémon - "Find the last evolution of Torchic."

Beating Level 3 will unlock a special reward. This reward is the same one as from the game Pokémon Team Rocket Blast Off.

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