Pokémon Rumble Blast

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Pokémon Rumble Blast
Pokémon Rumble Blast's US boxart
Basic info
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Category: Action RPG
Players: 1 to 2 players
Connectivity: StreetPass
Developer: Ambrella
Publisher: Nintendo
Part of: Generation V side series
ESRB: E10+
Release dates
Japan: August 11, 2011[1]
North America: October 24, 2011[2]
Australia: N/A
Europe: December 2, 2011[3]
South Korea: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Japanese: Official website
English: Official website
Super Pokémon Scramble Japanese boxart
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Pokémon Rumble Blast (Japanese: スーパーポケモンスクランブル Super Pokémon Scramble), known as Super Pokémon Rumble in Europe, is a sequel to the WiiWare game Pokémon Rumble. It is a Nintendo 3DS game that was released in Japan on August 11, 2011 (previously July 28, 2011) and in North America on October 24, 2011. Unlike its predecessor, which only featured Pokémon from Generation I and Generation IV, Pokémon Rumble Blast features all five generations of Pokémon, except Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect, all of whom have not been officially released by Nintendo yet.


The game starts with a showdown between Reshiram and Zekrom on the Battle Royale stage, manifesting as a spirit behind their Toy form. The player starts from Toy Town, where the player's Mii enters to set a Pikachu into motion. On the first stage, called the Beginner's Park, the player fights the Unova starter Pokémon and the elemental monkeys. The game ensures that the player recruits Oshawott, Tepig and Snivy. Victini is also available here. The first boss is Zekrom, which is an unwinnable battle. The stage collapses, and the player's Toy Pokémon fall into another location.

A cut scene will then play showing a Cobalion speaking to a crowd. He then says the Glowdrops have the power to remove Rust from materials and shows it by pouring some glowdrops on a rusty object and the Rust disappears. He tells the Pokémon to gather as many Glowdrops as possible. The Toy Pokémon then march off and the cut scene ends.

Chapter 1: Battle Royale

The player's Toy Pokémon will land in Toy Town and meet with Lillipup who will explain several things about the town, and will tell the player to go to the meadow. Upon returning, the town discovers that the Glowdrops in the town have been stolen, and they blame Pawniard for stealing them. Upon reaching him he states that the player will never pass the coming Battle Royale and heads off. Upon getting to 1-4, Challenger's Ground, the player's Toy Pokémon must battle him in the semifinals and win the final round. He then admits that he did not steal the Glowdrops and tells the player's Toy Pokémon that it was another group of Pokémon lead by a Krookodile that is headed towards Easterly Town. The citizens of Toy Town then guide the player's Toy Pokémon to Easterly Town.

Chapter 2: Stolen Glowdrops

Before the player makes it to Easterly Town, Cobalion is again speaking to a crowd, demonstrating the effect of Glowdrops on rust. The cut scene ends again.

Upon reaching Easterly Town, the player's Toy Pokémon will encounter Krookodile taking Easterly Town's Glowdrops, attacking the Pokémon that interfered with him, and leaving. The player the gives chase through several forts. The player meets a Gurdurr along the way and states that the great Glowdrop fountain has enough Glowdrops to restore the towns' Glowdrops to normal. Upon reaching the area, the player encounters Cobalion who has come for the Glowdrops. He then challenges the player to a 3 on 1. All the player's Pokémon will faint in 2 hits. Cobalion then takes the Glowdrops while the player is unconscious.

Chapter 3: Tracking Cobalion

The player continues on to Westerly Town and encounters a Zorua who tells the player that Cobalion is on Firebreathing Mountain and the player proceeds to head there. Along the way, Rusty Pokémon attack some of Cobalion's minions and the player defeats them and continues on. At the last fort on the mountain, Zorua then tells the player that he is on Cobalion's side and proceeds to battle the player with a Zoroark. Upon defeating them, the player reaches Cobalion who then bends the player's Wonder Key and knocks the player unconscious and heads north. The player will be in bad shape, but will make it to Northerly Town.

Chapter 4: The World Axle and the Secret of the Wonder Key

When the player arrives at Northerly Town, an Elgyem notices the player's bent Wonder Key and recommends going to the Temple of Keys, which is to the east. Upon defeating the Battle Royale held inside the Temple of Keys, the player will win a Temple Key, which can replace the player's Wonder Key. A Golett will then tell the player that the player can follow Cobalion if they prove themselves at the other Battle Royales—a path will be opened.

After exiting the temple, Golett talks about the Path of Heroes. Winning the Battle Royales will cause parts of the path to appear. However, the player has to get past Cobalion's two forts to challenge the other Battle Royale arenas.

201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201

After successfully completing all four Battle Royale arenas, the Path of Heroes will be complete, allowing the player to cross to the other side, at which point they will reach the World Axle. The player arrives at the scene of Cobalion's army using Glowdrops to open the World Axle. However, Cobalion's army starts rusting away, leaving him wondering what is happening. The rusting is revealed to be caused by Dark Rust, an evil key that makes toys rusty in order to control them as part of his Dark Legion.

In the aftermath of the battle, the player's team meets up with Cobalion, who explains his intentions. At that point, the group decides to enter the World Axle in order to hunt down and defeat Dark Rust.

Chapter 5: The Last Battle

The player and their team make their way to Axle Town, where a Pikachu greets them and tells them about the current state of the town and the axle. The player must then traverse the axle's areas, including both the overworld areas and areas where Cobalion and the player fight against the Dark Legion, before finally making their way to Dark Rust's Fort.

Here, the player and two teammates fight the forces of Dark Rust. At first, Dark Rust itself is protected by an impenetrable barrier, but thanks to Cobalion's powerful attack, the barrier is dispelled, and the Dark Rust can be defeated.

In the aftermath, we see the World Axle begin to pump out Glowdrops again, refilling the fountains in all the towns.


  • Pokémon Collection Battle Challenge involves facing off against every Pokémon that has been collected.
  • Charge Battle involves facing off against a team of Pokémon.
  • StreetPass has been used so that as two or more Nintendo 3DS systems pass by, they may battle each other.

Toy Shop

Every day, the player will receive notification via the Shopscope located in any of the towns. The Shopscope will show a Mii leaving the player's Toy Shop after making a purchase and the player will receive Ⓟ, as well as the possibility of unlocking a new Pokémon when a milestone is hit. The customer is either someone the player has StreetPassed, or a Mii they have registered on their 3DS. The player can also get customers by redeeming 10 Play Coins.

Pokémon unlocked via the Toy Shop

The following are the Pokémon unlocked once a certain amount of customers have shopped at the Toy Shop, and the locations where they are encountered. If the player is too slow to defeat them, they may disappear and the player will have to leave the area and come back for the Pokémon to appear again.

Pokémon Customers Location
Uxie Uxie 2 Sun-Dappled Bank; Lake
Mesprit Mesprit 5 Soothing Shore; Lake
Azelf Azelf 10 Shimmering Lake; Lake
Phione Phione 20 Rugged Flats; Beach
Manaphy Manaphy 20 Rugged Flats; Beach
Jirachi Jirachi 40 Firebreathing Mountain; Tower
Celebi Celebi 60 Everspring Valley; Forest
Mew Mew 80 Sunny Seashore; Factory
Shaymin Shaymin 100 World Axle - B2F; Glacier
Shaymin Shaymin 120 World Axle - B1F; Forest
Victini Victini 150 World Axle - B2F; Tower

Legendary Boss Pokémon

Very rarely, the catapult leading to the area boss will be shimmering indicating that the player will be taken to a special battle arena where the player first battled Zekrom at the beginning of the game. Here, the player will encounter a Legendary Pokémon that will differ depending on the area they were previously in. Upon defeat, the legendary Pokémon will always be recruited by the player. Certain legendary Pokémon will only appear once certain circumstances have been met.

Pokémon Location Notes Pokémon Location Notes
Mewtwo Mewtwo Factories Complete Battle Royale EX-6 Giratina Giratina Hauntyards
Lugia Lugia Beaches Cresselia Cresselia Treetops
Ho-oh Ho-oh Autumnwood Only appears in Volcanic Slope, and Firebreathing Mountain. Darkrai Darkrai Hauntyards
Latias Latias Meadows Arceus Arceus Towers Complete Team Battle EX-6
Latios Latios Meadows Cobalion Cobalion Canyons Defeat Terrakion and Virizion
Kyogre Kyogre Beaches Terrakion Terrakion Canyons
Groudon Groudon Lavas Virizion Virizion Forests
Rayquaza Rayquaza Towers Tornadus Tornadus Volcanic Slope; Autumnwood Must be encountered 3 times before challenged to a battle
Deoxys Deoxys Factories Thundurus Thundurus Firebreathing Mountain; Autumnwood Must be encountered 3 times before challenged to a battle
Dialga Dialga Caves Reshiram Reshiram Caves
Palkia Palkia Lakes Zekrom Zekrom Caves
Heatran Heatran Lavas Landorus Landorus Autumnwood Defeat Tornadus and Thundurus
Regigigas Regigigas Deserts Kyurem Kyurem Glaciers
Giratina Giratina Hauntyards

Special Traits

Main article: Special Traits

Special Traits are abilities that an individual Pokémon can possess. When a Pokémon with a Special Trait faints and is ready to be befriended, it will sparkle with a different color than usual and have a green gear shape beneath them. A Rusty Pokémon will have a pink gear beneath them.


As in the previous game, rare Pokémon can be unlocked using passwords.


Pokémon Move(s) Password
Pikachu Pikachu Volt Tackle 6715-6555
Gallade Gallade Fury Cutter 9616-8485
Victini Victini V-create 7267-3443
Snivy Snivy Leaf Tornado 8590-9413
Tepig Tepig Flame Charge 1906-5834
Emboar Emboar Heat Crash 8902-7356
Oshawott Oshawott Razor Shell 1432-2751
Unfezant Unfezant Air Slash 3654-9185
Audino Audino Secret Power 1975-5256
Zoroark Zoroark Foul Play 0120-8652
Tornadus Tornadus Hurricane 5155-4087
Thundurus Thundurus Thunder 2751-4887

North American

Pokémon Move(s) Password
Pikachu Pikachu Volt Tackle 7746-3878
Gliscor Gliscor X-Scissor 9625-7845
Tepig Tepig Flame Charge 2061-8332
Oshawott Oshawott Razor Shell 7403-2240
Tornadus Tornadus Hurricane 0250-7321
Gallade Gallade Fury Cutter

Night Slash

Victini Victini V-create 6699-8898


Each town in Pokémon Rumble Blast has a station where the player may release any number of their Pokémon at a time, and in return they will gain Ⓟ. When seven of the same Pokémon are released, the player will receive that Pokémon's next stage of evolution along with Ⓟ. For example, if the player were to release seven Oshawott, they would receive a Dewott.


Pokémon Rumble Blast locations
Beginner's Park
Toy TownEasterly TownWesterly TownNortherly TownAxle Town
Trailhead FieldSeabreeze TrailEcho ValleyChallenger's Ground
Sun-Dappled BankMisty EdgewaterSoothing ShoreShimmering Lake
Rugged FlatsVolcanic SlopeFirebreathing Mountain
Frozen TundraEverspring ValleySunny SeashoreFallaway Edge
World Axle - Underground EntryWorld Axle - B1FWorld Axle - B2FWorld Axle - ShaftWorld Axle - Deepest LevelWorld Axle - Upper Levels

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