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|name=Pokémon Rumble Blast
|name=Pokémon Rumble Blast
|boxart=Super Pokemon Scramble Boxart JP.png‎
|boxart=Pokémon Rumble Blast Boxart US.png
|caption=Pokémon Rumble Blast's Japanese boxart
|caption=Pokémon Rumble Blast's U.S boxart
|jbox=Super Pokemon Scramble Boxart JP.png‎
|jcaption=Super Pokémon Scramble Japanese boxart
|jcaption=Super Pokémon Scramble Japanese boxart
|platform=[[Nintendo 3DS]]
|platform=[[Nintendo 3DS]]

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Pokémon Rumble Blast
Pokémon Rumble Blast's U.S boxart
Basic info
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Category: Action RPG
Players: 1 to 2 players
Connectivity: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
Developer: Ambrella
Publisher: Nintendo
Part of: Generation V side series
ESRB: E10+
Release dates
Japan: August 11, 2011
North America: October 24, 2011
Australia: N/A
Europe: December, 2011
South Korea: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Japanese: Official website
English: Pokémon.com page
Super Pokémon Scramble Japanese boxart

Pokémon Rumble Blast (Japanese: スーパーポケモンスクランブル Super Pokémon Scramble), known as Super Pokémon Rumble in Europe, is a sequel to the WiiWare game Pokémon Rumble. It is a Nintendo 3DS game that was released in Japan on August 11, 2011 (previously July 28, 2011) and is set to be released in North America on October 24, 2011. Unlike its predecessor, which only featured Pokémon from Generation I and Generation IV, Pokémon Rumble Blast will feature all five generations of Pokémon.


The game starts with a showdown between Reshiram and Zekrom on the Battle Royale stage, manifesting as a spirit behind their toy form. The player starts from Toy Town, where the player's Mii enters to set a Pikachu into motion. On the first stage, called the Beginning Garden, the player fights the Unova starter Pokémon and the elemental monkeys. The game ensures that the player recruits Oshawott, Tepig and Snivy. Victini is also available here. The first boss is Zekrom, which is an unwinnable battle. The stage collapses, and the player's toy Pokémon falls into another location.


  • Pokémon Collection Battle Challenge involves facing off against every Pokémon that has been collected.
  • Charge Battle involves facing off against a team of Pokémon.
  • StreetPass has been used so that as two or more Nintendo 3DS systems pass by, they may battle each other.


As in the previous game, rare Pokemon can be unlocked using passwords.


Pokémon Move(s) Password
Tornadus Tornadus Unknown 5155-4087
Oshawott Oshawott Unknown 1432-2751
Zoroark Zoroark Unknown 0120-8652

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