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* [http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/gameboy/file/198314/6618 Pokémon Yellow Gameshark Codes FAQ]
* [http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/gameboy/file/198314/6618 Pokémon Yellow Gameshark Codes FAQ]
* [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OINzq5zGino YouTube - Fighting Prof. Oak]

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Pokémon Red and Blue were the first Pokémon games to be released in the US, on September 30, 1998. Several beta elements of the game have been found in the game itself and also on the Internet.

Professor Oak wants to fight

Professor Oak has a full team of Pokémon programmed into the game, although the battle cannot occur during a normal game. The player must use a GameShark code. Professor Oak has a level 66 Tauros, a level 67 Exeggutor, a level 68 Arcanine, a level 69 Blastoise, and a level 70 Gyarados. He has the same team in Pokémon Yellow. When he is defeated, he says: "That can't be!".

The Bug Catcher wants to fight

Before Red and Blue's US release, screenshots were released of a rival battle with the text "The Blue wants to fight". In the final version, "the" is dropped. While this text would work with "The Lass" and "The Hiker", it would cause problems with "The Brock" and "The Misty".


A beta item that allows the player to walk through walls in the game is accessible via a GameShark code. The item, which shows up in the bag as "NICKNAME?", is speculated to be a beta object testers used to quickly move forward through the game.


Female Character

There is originally plans for a female character, probably based on Green from Pokémon Special. The character makes it into the remakes of the game.

S.S. Anne truck

There is a truck that appears in the S.S. Anne's port which serves no evident purpose except as scenery. It is said that the truck might serve a purpose in the beta.

Celadon City

In Pokémon Red and Blue, there is an invisible PC in a hotel in Celadon City. This might mean that Celadon City was initially not to have a Pokémon Center, or that the hotel and the Pokémon Center might have originally been one single building.


The Bird-type may have been a beta version of the Template:Type2.


There is an item in the game that enables the user to Surf without using a Pokémon. This may mean that the move Surf was not implemented as an HM or at all originally, or that the HMs did not initially exist.


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