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This article is about the characters from the Nintendo DS games. For other uses, see Pokémon Ranger (disambiguation)

A Pokémon Ranger (Japanese: ポケモンレンジャー Pokémon Ranger) is a class of character featured in the Nintendo DS games Pokémon Ranger and Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

They are not Pokémon Trainers, as their goals and methods for interacting with Pokémon are very different. Specifically, they harness the power of certain Pokémon and utilize them to help defend nature.

In the games

Pokémon Rangers primarily operate out of Fiore and Almia, where nature is held in higher regard than in other regions. Pokémon Rangers use Capture Stylers to calm and control wild Pokémon to help them solve ecological problems, defeat criminals using Pokémon to commit crimes, and arrest Pokémon poachers, acting as a sort of cross between a police officer and park ranger.

Pokémon Rangers usually have only one Pokémon - known as their "Partner", that is with them at all times, and has been trained to a high level. Pokémon Rangers do not usually send Pokémon to battle each other directly, but generally use the Pokémon with them to power up the energies and extra settings on their Capture Stylers or to distract wild or enemy Pokémon with attacks that are not directly offensive. These powers are known are called Poké Assist and are activated by having the Pokémon Ranger absorb wild Pokémon into their Capture Styler, whereupon their Styler gains extra abilities depending on their Elemental types.

In the anime

Solana and Jack Walker are both Pokémon Rangers that have appeared in the anime.

Many episodes have featured other rangers. They generally keep an eye on an area and look after the Pokémon there. Some of these areas are restricted and have to be protected from poachers. As these rangers train Pokémon normally, though, they may have more to do with the trainer class than the Fiore and Almia Rangers.

Solana and Hajime appear in DP071 and DP072.

In the manga

Pokémon Rangers appear in Pokémon Ranger - The Comic manga, which is based on the W-Mission of Pokémon Ranger. The main characters of the game, Lunick and Solana, are protagonists in Pokémon Ranger - The Comic also. Few other Pokémon Rangers appear in Pokémon Ranger - The Comic.

In the TCG

Notable Pokémon Rangers

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