Pokémon Puzzle Collection Vol. 2

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Pokémon Puzzle Collection Vol.2
Japanese boxart
Basic info
Platform: Pokémon mini
Category: Puzzle
Players: Single player
Connectivity: None
Developer: Jupiter Corporation
Publisher: Nintendo
Part of: Pokémon mini series
ESRB: E for Everyone
Release dates
Japan: April 26, 2002
North America: N/A
Australia: N/A
Europe: N/A
South Korea: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Japanese: N/A
English: N/A

Pokémon Puzzle Collection Vol.2 (Japanese: ポケモンパズルコレクションVol.2 Pokémon Puzzle Collection Vol.2) is a game released for Pokémon mini. It is only available in Japan.

It is similar to the first game, but some games have been modified. In addition, there are 80 new puzzles in this game.


Motion Puzzle

Returning from the first game, this is a sliding game where an animated image of a Pokémon has to be unscrambled.

1 2 3 4
A PCV2 Motion Puzzle 1 1.png PCV2 Motion Puzzle 1 2.png PCV2 Motion Puzzle 1 3.png PCV2 Motion Puzzle 1 4.png
Shellder Xatu Politoed Mr. Mime
B PCV2 Motion Puzzle 2 1.png PCV2 Motion Puzzle 2 2.png PCV2 Motion Puzzle 2 3.png PCV2 Motion Puzzle 2 4.png
Gengar Mankey Weezing Krabby
C PCV2 Motion Puzzle 3 1.png PCV2 Motion Puzzle 3 2.png PCV2 Motion Puzzle 3 3.png PCV2 Motion Puzzle 3 4.png
Kabuto Omanyte Pupitar Misdreavus
D PCV2 Motion Puzzle 4 1.png PCV2 Motion Puzzle 4 2.png PCV2 Motion Puzzle 4 3.png PCV2 Motion Puzzle 4 4.png
Bellsprout Swinub Steelix Graveler
E PCV2 Motion Puzzle 5 1.png PCV2 Motion Puzzle 5 2.png PCV2 Motion Puzzle 5 3.png PCV2 Motion Puzzle 5 4.png
Igglybuff Chinchou Crobat Scizor

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