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This article is about the Professors specializing in Pokémon. For the TCG tournament term, see Professor Program (TCG).

A Pokémon Professor (Japanese: ポケモン博士 Pokémon Expert) is considered an expert on Pokémon in his or her respective region. Pokémon Professors are often researchers as well, and many times they are the ones responsible for distributing Pokédexes and giving the player their first Pokémon. The first Pokémon Professor introduced in the games and anime, Professor Oak, was also the first NPC ever seen in the main series games. He also has made the most appearances in the main series games, appearing in all games but the Hoenn-based ones and the Unova-based ones.

Pokémon Professors from regions in the main series of Pokémon games are all named after trees.

List of Pokémon professors

Main series

Others in the main series

Side games

Spin-off games

Other fields of study

In the anime

Other professors, scientists, and researchers introduced in the anime include:

Pokémon specialists

Other fields of Pokémon study

Pokémon computer scientists

Pokémon archaeologists

Pokémon paleontologists


Other fields of study

Healthcare professional/Doctor



In the manga

Other professors, scientists, and researchers introduced in the various manga include:

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

  • Professor Yanase Berlitz of the Sinnoh region who researched ways to control legendary Pokémon such as Rayquaza.
  • Professor Berlitz of the Sinnoh region who works as an assistant to Professor Rowan.
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