Pokémon Poacher Brothers

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The Pokémon Poacher Brothers (left to right): Chico, Braggo and Blurt

The Pokémon Poacher Brothers are a gang of three poacher brothers.

Their respective names are Braggo (Japanese: グルー Glue), Chico (Japanese: チーコ Chico) and Blurt (Japanese: ハンポ Hampo).

Braggo is the leader, and he may be the oldest. He always speaks in rhyme and orders his two brothers around. Chico is the inventor of the three. He is responsible for creating all of the machines the gang uses to poach Pokémon. The third brother is Blurt, who is self-described as quiet, but he is also clumsy and tends to break things.

The trio were the ones responsible for stealing Ash's Larvitar when it was just an Egg. In the process of stealing the Egg, they shot at and severely wounded the mother Tyranitar.

The poachers were first seen in Larvitar's mind during Address Unown!, when an injured Unown gave Ash and the others a look inside the young Pokémon's mind. They appeared in person in Mother of All Battles. When Ash and his friends tried to return Larvitar, the Poacher Brothers once again tried to kidnap the mother, and they would have stolen Ash's Pikachu and Ranger Mason's Croconaw if they had time. Thanks to the help of Ranger Mason and Larvitar, their plan was thwarted and the gang was arrested.



Larvitar Egg.png
Larvitar Egg
Ranger Mason's Tyranitar
Tyranitar is the mother of Larvitar and is protected by Ranger Mason from poachers. She first appeared in a dimension caused by an Unown where she was shown when Larvitar was an Egg. The Pokémon Poacher Brothers stole it from her and hurt her causing her to get a scar. She appeared in person in the next episode, where she mistook Ash and his friends for poachers and attacked them. Ash and his friends tried to show they mean no harm, until Larvitar finally found out that Tyranitar is its mother and stayed put. Suddenly, a net was fired and Tyranitar was trapped. The poachers then stole Tyranitar.

The poachers used Team Rocket's balloon to dangle her from the sky and zap her with remote controls. Tyranitar was able to wiggle out and fire a Hyper Beam which destroyed the balloon. She was then reunited with Larvitar. Larvitar used Hidden Power and Tyranitar used Hyper Beam to defeat the poachers. In the end, Ash left Larvitar with its mother.

Tyranitar and Larvitar also made a brief appearance in Spurt!.

Tyranitar's only known move is Hyper Beam.

Debut Address Unown!
Voice actors
Japanese Rikako Aikawa
English Rikako Aikawa

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Braggo: 高瀬右光 Akimitsu Takase
Chico: 鈴村健一 Ken'ichi Suzumura
Blurt: 園部好徳 Yoshinori Sonobe
English Braggo: Wayne Grayson
Chico: Sam Riegel
Blurt: Ed Paul
Norwegian Braggo: Even Rasmussen
Chico: Trond Teigen
Blurt: Christian Barmen
Brazilian Portuguese Braggo: Sidney Lilla
Chico: Alex Wendel
Blurt: Raul Schlosser
European Spanish Braggo: Juan Logar Jr.
Chico: Álex Saudinós
Blurt: Miguel Ángel Garzón

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