Pokémon Pasta Shapes in Tomato Sauce

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A can of the Blue version

Pokémon Pasta Shapes in Tomato Sauce was a product released by the H. J. Heinz Company in the year 2000.[1] The product was made in both a Blue Version and a Red Version, each containing pasta in tomato sauce cut to the shape of various Pokémon from the corresponding games. The Blue version featured Blastoise on the label while the Red version featured Charizard. They came in cans of 420g in weight and were sold in Canada and the United States. Later on, the "Red" version of the pasta was discontinued for a "Gold and Silver" version, which contained pasta in the shapes of Generation II Pokémon.

For a limited time, collectible "trading cards" could be found on the back of the labels of the Red and Blue versions.

Pokémon shapes

Ready to eat

Both the Red and Blue versions of the pasta included Ash Ketchum as a pasta shape as well.

001 001 Bulbasaur Grass Poison
007 007 Squirtle Water
023 023 Ekans Poison
039 039 Jigglypuff Normal
043 043 Oddish Grass Poison
058 058 Growlithe Fire
004 004 Charmander Fire
027 027 Sandshrew Ground
035 035 Clefairy Normal
037 037 Vulpix Fire
094 094 Gengar Ghost Poison
133 133 Eevee Normal
Gold and Silver
025 025 Pikachu Electric
155 155 Cyndaquil Fire
158 158 Totodile Water
175 175 Togepi Normal
182 182 Bellossom Grass
195 195 Quagsire Water Ground


File:Pasta cards.jpg
Examples of the cards that could be found on the backs of pasta labels
  • Water
  • Pasta shapes
  • Tomato paste
  • Liquid sugar
  • Salt
  • Soya or cheddar cheese
  • Modified cornstarch
  • Natural flavor
  • Spices

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