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There is also an MMORPG called Pokémon Online.

Pokémon Online (abbreviated PO) is the latest Pokémon battle simulator. It allows a person to experience real time Pokémon battles against Pokémon players from all over the globe. It was created using the C++ programming language and Qt development framework. It is open-source and free for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Currently in beta stage.


Pokémon Online is developed by coyotte508 as the lead programmer, Darkness as the designer and nmilkosky as the programmer. Mephistos, KazoWAR, CoolKingler and Steve also help with the programming. It is worth mentioning that Steve hosts the official Beta Server for the simulator.

Usage Statistics

On the 28th of July 2010, the very first Pokémon Online usage statistics were released for all the tiers supported.

The statistics contain the number of battles and percentage each Pokémon has been used, along with the different sets, EVs and natures.


Here is a list of some particular Pokémon Online features:

  • Animated HP bars.
  • Battle music and Pokémon cries.
  • Event-only moves.
  • Players can do up to 3 battles at the same time.
  • Supports Generations 3-5.
  • Supports Challenge Cup.
  • Supports Double Battles, including Video Game Championships (VGC) tier.
  • Plugins and scripts can be created to add more features to the client or server.
  • IRC-like channel system.
  • Ladder system.
  • Tournaments running 24/7 on the Beta Server for all tiers.
  • Active development.

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