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Pokémon NetBattle is an online Pokémon battle simulator. The program allows users to construct a team of six first, second, third, or fourth generation Pokémon, choosing their known moves, held item, IVs, EVs, Nature, coloration, and Ability. All Pokémon are assumed to be level 100, and any moves that can possibly be learned by that Pokémon are permitted. The program includes numerous helpful features, such as searchable Pokédex, moves and Abilities lists, a compatibility guide for Pokémon, and a table of weaknesses and resistances. It supports Double Battles and a Stadium Mode, in which only three Pokémon from each team are used.

Also included are several "clauses," which are optional and limit the effectiveness of certain strategies. The Sleep Clause prevents more than one Pokémon from being asleep (excluding by Rest) on each team; likewise, a Freeze Clause prevents more than one Pokémon from being frozen on each team. The Self-KO Clause causes self-destructive moves (like Destiny Bond) to automatically fail if used by the last Pokémon for that team, in order to prevent ties. It also causes the user of Explosion or Selfdestruct in a 1-on-1 situation to lose the match (normally this results in a tie).

NetBattle used to be extremely popular in 2004 to 2006. However, around late 2007/Early 2008, the program's popularity started to decrease. With the release of NetBattle Supremacy and its fourth generation inclusions, popularity has began to return.

NetBattle Supremacy

On February 14, 2009 a newer version of NetBattle called NetBattle Supremacy was released by a programmer known as 'Bayleef'.

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