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The Pokémon Mansion journals are a series of diary entries present in the main series games and written by a Pokémon researcher, chronicling the events that led up to the creation and escape of Mewtwo. They are scattered around the Pokémon Mansion.

The Pokémon Mansion journals are only accessible in the Generation I games and Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, as the Pokémon Mansion has been destroyed along with most of Cinnabar Island by a volcanic eruption prior to the events of the Generation II games and Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Journal entries

The diary entries are the same in the Generation I games and Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, both in Japanese and English.

July 5

にっき 7がつ5か

ここは みなみアメリカの ギアナ
ジャングルの おくちで しんしゅの ポケモンを はっけん
Diary: July 5

Guyana, South America
A new Pokémon was discovered deep in the jungle.

July 10

にっき 7がつ10か

しんはっけんの ポケモンを わたしは ミュウと なづけた
Diary: July 10

We christened the newly discovered Pokémon, Mew.

NOTE: The original Japanese text is in the first person singular (わたし I, not わたしたち We).

February 6

にっき 2がつ6か

ミュウが こどもを うむ
うまれた ばかりの ジュニアを ミュウツーと よぶことに⋯⋯
Diary: Feb. 6

Mew gave birth.
We named the newborn Mewtwo.

NOTE: The original Japanese text is impersonal.

September 1

にっき 9がつ1にち

ポケモン ミュウツーは つよすぎる
わたしの てには おえない!
Diary: Sept. 1

Mewtwo is far too powerful.
We have failed to curb its vicious tendencies…

The original Japanese text reveals the author in a tense situation when compared to the English text, which instead refers to a team being depicted in hopelessness. The translation of the Japanese text is:

Diary: September 1

The Pokémon Mewtwo is far too powerful.
It's no use...
I am unable to control it!

Relation to Faraway Island

It is speculated that the Guyanese jungle where Mew was apparently discovered is actually Faraway Island. A message is left on a signpost there which contains a remnant of a signature belonging to a name ending in ジ ji but this element is present exclusively in the Japanese release of Pokémon Emerald, which is generally assumed to be from Fuji. The researcher who wrote these diary entries is speculated to be Dr. Fuji, the founder of Pokémon Lab, or Mr. Fuji, who may both be the same character.

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