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Pokémon Learning League logo with the Mission Guides

The Pokémon Learning League was a web-based educational series that used the main characters from the Pokémon anime to teach students in the areas of science, math, language arts, and life skills. The site was aimed at American children in grades 3 to 6. The site was free when it was first set up in the Fall of 2006 but was later only viewable through a paid subscription service after January 1, 2007. On August 1, 2008 the site stopped taking new subscribers, and it now redirects to Pokémon.com.

It should be noted that there are many variations from the main anime canon, including the existence of the PokéPilot. Additionally, the fourth wall was often broken by the characters either asking for help or thanking the person doing the lesson. The animation used for the website was done using Adobe Flash.

Mission Guides

File:Dawn and Ash.jpg
Dawn and Ash on the Pokemon Learning League.

The Mission Guides are characters created specifically for the Pokémon Learning League to assist the student in the four types of subject matter. As such, they don't appear in any media outside of Pokémon Learning League.

  • Ada is the Mission Guide for Mathematics.
  • Lex is the Mission Guide for Language Arts.
  • Quinn is the Mission Guide for Life Skills.
  • Siara is the Mission Guide for Science.


Lessons in Pokémon Learning League are divided up into three parts.


In the Watch segments, students are introduced to one or more characters from the Pokémon anime who have a problem. They then turn to the PokéPilot (and thus, the Mission Guide for that particular content area) to help them solve their problem.


In the Try segments, students follow a guided practice along with the characters from the Watch segment. The Try segment reinforces the lesson taught in Watch, often mirroring the order that the process was followed there.


In the Apply segments, students play a game on their own (with minimal interference from the Mission Guide or any character) and apply the skill or skills that they have been taught. The Apply segments often end in a short video that shows the anime characters solving their problem.

Lesson synopsis

Dawn in the Pokémon Learning League


  • When Dawn appeared on the site, her clothing was altered so that her white undershirt has long, white sleeves and she is wearing either black stockings or tights.
  • Officer Jenny was voiced by Kayzie Rogers instead of Emily Williams (her current voice actress at the time). Kayzie had voiced Jenny before, but only in The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon.
  • None of the Pokémon were voiced by their Japanese voice actors, including Pikachu.