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The River

The River (Japanese: リバー River) is one of the six major areas of Pokémon Island. It is simply a gently flowing river. Twelve species of Pokémon live around this area.

The Pokémon sign here is a special tree in the form of Cubone hidden behind the flowing spores of a resting Vileplume.

Cubone sign.

Native Pokémon

Pokémon Description Pokémon Description
060 Poliwag These little guys will be on the right bank of the river. Hitting them with enough Pester Balls will make them do a running dive into the water. They will emerge multiple times together along the river, and can also be drawn out by throwing times into the water. A shot of sparking water in a Poliwag's jump is worth extra points. 001 Bulbasaur On the left bank, there are two Bulbasaur bulbs sticking out of stumps. They can be knocked into view with Pester Balls. Another Bulbasaur can be lured out from an opening in a log with Pokémon food.
079 Slowpoke These are found just sitting on the left bank. It doesn't react very much, though it will walk towards thrown food. 090 Shellder These will fly out of water and into the air. They can also be seen briefly when a fishing Slowpoke pulls one out of the water before the two combine to form Slowbro. Though difficult to time, photographing a Shellder as it clamps onto a Slowpoke's tail is the player's best shot at a nice close-up.
080 Slowbro Lure a Slowpoke with Pokémon food to one of the spots marked with a Shellder sign, and it will go fishing with its tail. It will catch a Shellder, which will cause it to evolve into a Slowbro. It still won't react to much, however. 045 Vileplume This is sleeping on the right bank, releasing spores into the air. If Snap has the Poké Flute, he can wake it up and make it dance.
011 Metapod These can be seen hanging overhead in the canopy of a tree. Hitting them with items will cause them to descend until hit again. Two are positioned so that they can, if used properly, be used to stop the ZERO-ONE. 054 Psyduck It can first be seen swimming around in circles. Hitting it with an item will cause it to sink. It will then start jumping out of the water where it was swimming and high into the air. Throwing items into the water may cause it to appear out of the water in other spots, sometimes jumping up very quickly with sparkles around it.
137 Porygon On the right bank, there is a point where strange shapes are sticking out of the bushes, camouflaged to match the bushes themselves. Throwing items at them will cause Porygon to jump out. Their camouflage can be removed with a Pester Ball. Down the river, there is a third Porygon which, when it jumps out, will hit a button to reveal the next stage. 091 Cloyster Just as Shellder can fly out of the water and float through the air, Cloyster can as well. One will eventually appear with the Shellder.
129 Magikarp Throw items into the water, and one may jump out, perhaps performing a Splash. 025 Pikachu Near the end of the course, there is a pile of logs with a Pikachu poking its head out. Taking a picture of it will make it run around with a Quick Attack. If Snap can take a picture of this fast-moving Pokémon, it will be a special shot, worth bonus points.

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