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The Pokémon Global Link is a multiplayer feature in Pokémon Black and White which is run using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. It is analogous to the GTS in the fourth generation.

The Global Link is activated with an item called the Dream Mist. This is obtained early in the game from a Munna. If the Dream Mist is given to Fennel she will set up the Global Link for the player.

The Global Link allows players to enter the Pokémon Dream World where they can catch Pokémon otherwise not obtainable in Unova.


Like with the GTS, the Global Link has an accompanying website. In the early days of the Black and White release, the website was temporarily closed because of traffic concerns. The site was originally set to be back up September 29, 2010, ten days after closing down, but this was moved to October 4. Due to maintenance the Pokémon Dream World didn't open to the public until October 13.

TPCi announced that they'll be opening their version of the Global Link website sometime around Black and White's English release on March 6th.

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