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[[Pokémon]] following the player was first introduced in [[Generation I]] in [[Pokémon Yellow]] and since then there has been several generations without this feature, while only {{p|Pikachu}} could follow the player, it was an instant hit as for once, like in the animation, the player could have their {{p|Pikachu}} follow them around! When [[Generation II]] was released I was expecting a similar function, in my mind more Pokémon able to follow the palyer, if not all! This was not the case. Did it not enter the minds of [[Nintendo]] to perhaps keep this function in and extend it further, whilst new equally great features were introduced in each new generation, time in [[Generation II]], weather in [[Generation III]], Wi-Fi features in [[Generation IV]] and now seasons in [[Generation V]], Nintendo kept the features from the previous generations and integrated and expanded then in to their newest generation, but still, it took a further two generations before Nintendo had a function that allowed players to have a Pokémon follow them again, in [[Generation IV]], whist it was severely limited, only certain Pokémon and only in [[Amity Square]] could follow the player, at least Nintendo had begun to restore a vital function into the Pokémon franchise.
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It wasn’t until the remakes of [[Generation II]] did a more advanced function of the Pokémon following the player appear, now in [[HeartGold]] and [[SoulSilver]] not only could any Pokémon follow the player, the Pokémon would follow anywhere in the overworld (practically) and retained shininess and gender differences. Whilst there are avid fans of this function there are those who don’t like it, I hadn’t ever thought that this function, now Nintendo have got it to a almost perfect fit, will be gone, not only was it a [[Generation I]] function, to put it in the remakes of Generation II did seem a bit odd, but it was such a good move it was the sole reason some people bought the remakes, to not keep it in [[Generation V]] seems ridiculous.
Now that [[Generation V]] is on the way and we haven’t seen the function in any of the screenshots, why has this great function suddenly disappeared? We have seen that there is time, weather, Wi-Fi features and the new seasons, but so far no following. Each of the previous generations most advanced features have been kept but why not [[Generation I]], which has been dubbed the best generation, the most popular generation and the oldest, why would Nintendo not include it. Of course it is entirely possible the function has had the only hole in it fixed, the ability to turn it off, which would satisfy those who don’t like it and allow those who do enjoy the feature to continue to, and explain why we haven’t seen it as they may not wish to give too much away at once.
Whist we still haven’t seen the feature and [[Generation V]] is just over the horizon, is [[Professor Araragi]] going to explain to us how we can chose to have our lead Pokémon follow us, are we going to see our rival with their Pokémon following them, are [[Team Plasma]] going to have Pokémon following them and are we going to be talking to our new Pokémon? I for one hope we do!

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