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Pokémon Fan Event Center
Pokémon Fan Event Center's logo
Language English
Status Active
Run 2010 - Present
Date opened Unknown
Creator Vlad
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Forum [1]
Mascot Shedinja
Website [2]

Pokémon Fan Event Center is a website made by fans who had managed to exploit the Global Trade Station system used in the Generation IV games to be capable of sending out events. They were able to achieve this feat by using the specifics of how a Nintendo DS connects to the Internet, they have become able to redirect a signal from the games to their own servers, allowing players to participate in non-Nintendo-sponsored events.


How To Access Events

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The first step to access these fan-made events is to modify the usual Wi-Fi configuration of the Nintendo DS so that GTS will connect to our server instead of Nintendo's. In the DS's wifi settings, assuming it has already gotten a connection to a local wireless network set up, tap the settings for the connection. Scroll down until it says "Auto-obtain DNS" and change the option to "No" it has not already been selected. Then manually enter "" as in the "Primary DNS" server. Save the settings, and go back to the title screen. After complete the above, go to the Global Trade Station/Global Terminal in Jubilife City (Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum) or Goldenrod City (HeartGold and SoulSilver), and connect as usual. After entering and "checking GTS status", the game should immediately send the Pokémon to the game and then kick you back to the title screen via a "connection error". When the players receives this error turn off the DS then on and start the game. The new Pokémon should be present, either in your team or in Bebe/Bill's PC. There has yet to be any reports of games which have become glitched due to this, however, Bulbapedia advises its readers to maintain caution if they are to attempt this.

Future Events

  • There is currently no information if there will be any future events distributed by Pokémon Fan Event Center.
  • It is very possible that they have been shut down by Nintendo for menacing with the Global Trade Station's original purpose (to trade Pokémon, not to directly receive them) and also for distributing Pokémon illegally despite not being actual event Pokémon. Evidence of this lies in that they have not put up any info on events since April of 2010, they have not answered any FAQs since June and they haven't made the slightest change in their website since their last event.

Current Events

  • There are currently no events at this time. Since the most recent event had ended on April 15, the page, currently, merely says "New event to be announced soon!" with no other information.

Past Events

  • The most recent event was a Jigglypuff named Puffy that had been on distribution from April 1st to April 15th 2010.
  • The beta test event, in March 2010, featured a Porygon-Z named MISSINGNO. after the famous glitch in the first generation of Pokémon games.

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