Pokémon Evolvers

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Pokemon Evolvers are a set of 8 flip pages that show the evolutionary lines of Pokémon and some moves that they can learn and use.


Pokémon Evolvers Ghost shows the Gastly evolution line. Opening it shows Team Rocket along with Meowth running away from a Gastly owned by Ash Ketchum who states even bad guys are scared of his ghost Pokémon. It says that it is almost invisible and cloaks the target and uses Sleep Powder without being noticed. Haunter is shown using Confuse Ray on Exeggcute and Night Shade on Starmie. It says since Haunter can go through block walls that people believe it comes from another dimension. Gengar is seen putting a Slowbro to sleep with Hypnosis and using Dream Eater on a sleeping Mr.Mime.


Pokémon Evolvers Psychic shows the Abra evolution line. Opening it shows Hypno, Mewtwo, Jynx, Slowpoke, Mr.Mime, Slowbro, and a Drowzee. Ash asks Pikachu if he read his mind. Despite all the Pokémon present, Ash says he was about to choose an Abra. Opening to the first page shows Abra posing. It says it uses its ability to read minds. Abra will teleport away from impending danger. Abra is shown to be nearly attacked by a Fearow and Ash tells it to Teleport away to safety. On the next page, Ash through a voice bubble tells Kadabra to use Disable so Machop can't use Karate Chop and is seen giving the Machop a headache simply by being close by and emitting alpha waves. It is then shown using Confusion on Bulbasaur to make it unaware of what is going on. It then uses Psybeam on a Weepinbell to confuse it. On the last page, Alakazam is seen protecting itself from Hitmonchan by using Reflect. Alakazam is then asked to use Recover to heal. Alakazam then proceeds to use Psychic on Mankey to make it weaker. Alakazam's brain is stated that it can outperform a Supercomputer and has an IQ said to be 5,000.


Pokémon Evolvers Grass shows the Bulbasaur evolution line. Opening it shows Victreebel, Vileplume, Gloom, Tangela, Weepinbell, Bellsprout, Paras, Parasect, and Oddish. Ash says he just caught a Bulbasaur while Misty bets its cute. It then shows and states a strange seed is planted on the back of a Bulbasaur and it grows as it grows. Ash then tells Bulbasaur to use Leech Seed on Geodude to sap its energy. Flipping the page shows Ivysaur and it says that while the seed grows that Ivysaur loves the ability to stand on its hind legs. Ash then has it attacking several Pokémon: hitting Pidgey with Vine Whip, dusting Omanyte with Poison Powder, and attacking Hitmonlee with Razor Leaf. Flipping to the last page shows Venusaur. It says that the plant on its back absorbs sunlight and moves to seek sunlight. It blasts a Poliwrath with Solarbeam, blankets Sandslash with Sleep Powder, and uses Growth to increase its special abilities.


Pokémon Evolvers Bug shows the Caterpie evolution line. Opening it shows Venomoth, Pinsir, Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Paras, Parasect, Venonat, and Scyther. Ash tells Pikachu he just caught a Caterpie. A samurai dressed child states he won't rest until he has trained all bug Pokémon. Caterpie is stated to have suction pads on the tip of its little feet that allow it to climb slops and walls tirelessly. It then slows down an Oddish using String Shot. Flipping the page shows Metapod. It says its body is weak when the shell is soft making it vulnerable to attack. Ash tells it to use Harden and says Weepinbell will get tired out before Metapod can be hurt. Flipping to the last page shows Butterfree. It says it flaps its wings fast during battle to release highly Toxic dust into the air. It sends Gloom to sleep using Sleep Powder. Butterfree is then seen making a battle end by using Whirlwind on Hypno. Butterfree then uses Psybeam on Tangela to confuse it.


  • The Ghost Evolver erroneously states that the Gastly evolution line is weak to Normal type Pokémon even though most Normal attacks can't damage Ghost types.
    • It also misspells Night Shade as NightShade.
  • Alakazam's blurb in the Psychic Evolver is the same as its Pokémon Red and Blue Pokédex entry.
  • The Grass Evolver erroneously states that Grass types are weak to Dragon type moves even though they only do average damage.
  • The Bug Evolver erroneously states that Bug types are weak to Ghost and Fighting types. Ghost moves do average damage and they are resistant to Fighting moves.