Pokémon Essential Handbook

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Pokémon Essential Handbook
Pokémon Essential Handbook Cover.jpg
ISBN: 978-0545427715
Published: August 1, 2012
Publisher: Scholastic logo.png
Author: Chris Silvestri
Preceded By: Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version Handbook
Succeeded By: N/A

The Pokémon Essential Handbook by Cris Silvestri (ISBN 978-0545427715) is an edition of The Official Pokémon Handbook series that was published by Scholastic on August 1, 2012. It serves as a paper form of the National Pokédex for all 646 Pokémon known at the time in alphabetical order. It is 366 pages long.


The entries for each Pokémon are in an easy-to-read page setup. Each Pokémon has either an entire page to itself, or shares a page with one of its evolutions, or another Pokémon.


Each entry is topped with a large, slab-shaped bar of one of four different colors. Like its predecessor, Pokémon Ultimate Handbook these bars have both the Pokémon's name and species name inside, and the color does not reference its type, however unlike the Pokémon Ultimate Handbook, these change with every new letter.


Each Pokémon has the following stats below its name:

  1. Pronunciation
  2. Possible Moves (moves the Pokémon will learn by leveling up)
  3. Type
  4. Height and weight
  5. Region it was first discovered in (either Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Unova)

Image and other information

Each Pokémon has an anime-style picture on its page, with "flavor text" under their name. Pages for legendary Pokémon have either Legendary, or Mythical written around their picture.

Evolution chain

At the very bottom of a Pokémon's entry is a diagram of its evolutionary family. Pokémon that do not evolve do not have an evolution chain.



  • Arceus's page shows the pronunciation to be "AR-key-us", however, in the final release of Arceus and the Jewel of Life, it was pronounced "ARK-ee-us", which was affirmed as the official pronunciation by a Pokémon.com mailbag.


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