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Eggs of Togepi and Elekid

A Pokémon Egg (Japanese: タマゴ egg) is an object which every Pokémon hatches from. An Egg's shell usually has a pattern reflecting the appearance of the Pokémon inside. Pokémon Eggs are produced through breeding. According to a girl in Solaceon Town, no one has ever seen a Pokémon lay an Egg, and so it is not actually confirmed that they lay the Eggs. No alternate explanation for their creation is offered, however.

Some Pokémon, called baby Pokémon, can only be obtained in most games by hatching them from an Egg. All legendary Pokémon except for Manaphy and Phione cannot breed in the Pokémon games and therefore their eggs are only seen in rare situations if at all; however, from Pokémon Snap and other situations, it is known that these Pokémon can somehow produce eggs and, subsequently, young offspring. Eggs will always hatch into a base evolutionary stage, or in cases such as Marill and Wobbuffet without the proper incense, the stage immediately following a baby stage. In the games, every egg of every species of Pokémon use the same sprite design, with the only notable exception being Manaphy's egg. However, in the official artwork and anime, each egg's coloring depends on the species it will hatch into. This is likely due to a space limit.

In the games preceding and including Generation III, Eggs hatch into level 5 Pokémon. Starting in Generation IV, however, to be more consistent with the fact that wild Pokémon are found at levels lower than 5, Eggs hatch into level 1 Pokémon.

In the games

Pokémon Snap

The first appearance of eggs in the Pokémon video games was in Pokémon Snap. In this game, the eggs of the three legendary birds can be found and hatched. All three eggs are very large, appearing to be about the same size as the ZERO-ONE, which suggests the size of an Egg increases with the general size of the Pokémon species.

Eggs available

This egg is in the Cave area. It is silver and has a crystalline form. It hatches with the aid of two dancing Jynx.
This egg is in the Tunnel area. It is yellow with a jagged electric pattern on it. It hatches with the aid of a Pikachu's Thunderbolt.
This egg is in the Volcano area. It is white with a red flame design on it. It hatches when a Pester Ball or apple knocks it into the lava.

Generation II

Pokémon Gold and Silver were the first games in which Eggs and Pokémon breeding became a notable part of the system. In this game, an Egg can be produced by two Pokémon at a Pokémon Daycare, which is then given to the player upon their next visit. This Egg is carried in the player's party until they take a certain number of steps and the Egg hatches. The number of steps required for an Egg to hatch varies with the Pokémon species inside the Egg.

All Generation II Eggs appear as a yellow egg with dark spots.

Eggs available

This excludes any Eggs which the player can breed themselves.

Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal
A Togepi Egg is given by Mr. Pokémon, who lives on Route 30. While it is initially classified as a key item, Professor Elm asks the player to hatch the egg after Falkner is defeated.
Pokémon Crystal only
In the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal, the old man at the Pokémon Daycare gives an Egg Ticket, which can be exchanged at the Pokémon Communications Center for an Egg. This egg can hatch into Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Tyrogue, Magby, Smoochum, or Elekid. It will know Dizzy Punch and has a 50% chance of being Template:Shiny2.
In the English version of Pokémon Crystal, the old man instead just gives an egg, which can hatch into the same Pokémon as the Japanese version's but has reduced odds of 12.5% of being shiny.

Generation III

In the third generation games, Pokémon Eggs are the same as in the second generation games.

All Generation III Eggs appear as an off-white egg with green spots. This is an updated sprite of the Generation II Egg.

Eggs available

This excludes any Eggs which the player can breed themselves.

Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
A Wynaut Egg is given by an old couple in Lavaridge Town.
Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen
A Togepi Egg is given by an old man on Chrono Island.


Pokémon Emerald adds two Abilities which affect Egg hatching.

If an Egg is in the same party as a Pokémon with either of these abilities, the steps needed to hatch an Egg will be halved.

Generation IV

In the fourth generation games, Pokémon Eggs are the same as in the second generation games.


Most Generation IV Eggs appear as a cream-colored egg with green spots. This is a new sprite based off the same Egg design used in Generation III. It resembles a Yoshi egg.

Manaphy, however, hatches from a unique clear blue Egg with a red center and a ring of yellow spots. This Egg can be obtained through a special mission in Pokémon Ranger or its sequel and transferred by Mystery Gift to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl where it will hatch into the legendary Pokémon.

Eggs available

This excludes any Eggs which the player can breed themselves.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
A Happiny Egg is given by a Hiker in Hearthome City.
A Riolu Egg is given by Riley on Iron Island.
Pokémon Platinum
A Togepi Egg is given by Cynthia after defeating Jupiter.


Just as in Pokémon Emerald, in Generation IV, there are certain Abilities that affect Egg hatching.

If an Egg is in the same party as a Pokémon with either of these abilities, the steps needed to hatch an Egg will be halved.

In the anime

A breeding house in the anime, full of different Pokémon Eggs

The first egg ever seen was Togepi's, which briefly predated Pokémon Snap and thus could be considered the first Pokémon egg ever seen in the main canon. This egg was kept safe and warm by Brock; in later episodes, eggs are carried in individual containers designed to protect and incubate. These containers also come with a Poké Ball to keep the Pokémon in once it hatches. People are also seen polishing the shells of eggs they take care of.

An egg that is going to hatch soon flashes until it hatches (with the exception of Togepi's egg). When it hatches, it glows bright white and seemingly transforms into the Pokémon that was inside of it. Because of the way they hatch in the anime, several fans say that eggs "evolve" into Pokémon, instead of actually hatching from them.

Pokémon hatched from eggs

File:Eevee hatches.gif
May's Eevee hatching from its egg.
Misty's Togepi
This egg was white with blue and red triangular spots. It was found by Ash deep in Grandpa Canyon in Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon. It was taken care of by Brock and, for a short period, by Meowth. It hatched into a Togepi in Who Gets to Keep Togepi?. Since Misty was the first person it saw, the baby Pokémon thought she was its mother, and thus became hers.
Ash's Phanpy
This egg was light blue with no designs. It was given to Ash as a prize for winning a race in Extreme Pokémon!. He took care of it himself, and it hatched into a Phanpy in Hatching a Plan!.
Ash's Larvitar
This egg was jade green with no designs. It was given to Ash in Lapras of Luxury. It hatched into a Larvitar in Hatch Me If You Can!.
File:Pokemon eggs.PNG
The eggs of the Pokémon listed on the left, in the order they appeared in.
Misty's Azurill
This egg was never seen. It was the offspring of Tracey's Marill, and then Tracey gave it to Misty as mentioned in The Scheme Team!, when Azurill itself first appeared.
May's Eevee
This egg was brown with a cream-colored zigzag stripe around its middle. It was given to May by a day-care worker in May's Egg-Cellent Adventure. She took care of it herself, and it hatched into an Eevee in Time-Warp Heals All Wounds.
This egg was translucent blue with a red, yolk-like sphere and a ring of yellow dots inside of it. It was primary to the plot of Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. During the movie, while everyone was trying to protect the Egg, the center began to glow. When May caught it after being tossed into the air it began to hatch into a Manaphy.
Brock's Happiny
This egg was light pink with a white stripe around the center and a red top. It was won by Brock in a Cosplay Convention in All Dressed up with Somewhere to Go. He took care of it himself, and it hatched into a Happiny with the help of Nurse Joy in One Big Happiny Family!.

Other Pokémon eggs in the anime

File:Pokemon Eggs.jpg
Some eggs in a cart.
Three Psyduck with their Eggs.
  • Extreme Pokémon!: An entire breeding house full of Eggs appeared in this episode.
  • A Mudkip Mission: This episode showed a home where baby Mudkip were bred, and even showed one hatching and spraying May in the face. These eggs were small and blue with orange spots.
  • May's Egg-Cellent Adventure: An entire breeding house full of eggs appeared in this episode. Primarily, it featured an Egg of a Vulpix which was about to hatch, which was two shades of red with a design of curls separating the top from the bottom, reflecting the design of Vulpix's tails. Many other eggs appeared in the breeding house. Based on the design, some of the other eggs were identified as Cleffa, Igglybuff, Spinarak, Ledyba, Magby, Wooper, Makuhita, Pichu, Teddiursa, Sentret, Skitty, Chinchou, Smoochum, Aipom,Drowzee and Sandshrew. A few of the designs were more difficult to distinguish than others.
  • The Psyduck Stops Here!: Psyduck eggs were seen in this episode and were the reason why the Psyduck were blocking the road. These eggs were yellow with patterns that looked like Psyduck feet.


  • Apart from Dawn and Max, each main hero of the anime has received a Pokémon egg.
  • No Pokémon that was hatched from an egg in the anime has evolved twice, either because their evolutionary line prohibits it (Phanpy and Eevee), their evolutionary line went no further than one evolution at the time of their release (Togepi), or simply because, as of this point, the Pokémon who can go on to evolve twice have not even undergone one evolutionary event yet (Larvitar, Azurill, Happiny).
  • Aside from Manaphy, which is legendary, no anime Pokémon that has been hatched from an egg is a Pokémon that is unable to evolve.
  • In the anime, each egg owned by a main character and shown onscreen has been stolen from the rightful owner prior to its hatching. The usual perpetrator is Team Rocket, but there have been others.
    • Misty's Togepi egg was stolen by Team Rocket, though it wasn't hers at the time.
    • Ash's Phanpy egg was also stolen by Team Rocket.
    • Ash's Larvitar egg was stolen by three poachers prior to Ash obtaining it.
    • May's Eevee egg was first taken by accident by a disoriented Elekid. It was then found by Team Rocket and they planned to not return it to May. However, James willingly gives it to her in exchange for his Mime Jr. which she had found.
    • Manaphy's egg was taken by The Phantom, then stolen (rescued) by Jack Walker. Then Team Rocket takes it from him briefly before Phantom attempts to get it back.
    • Brock's Happiny egg was stolen by Team Rocket. However, this was before it was given to him personally.
  • In the episode Address Unown, it was revealed that Pokémon are able to see the world outside of their Eggs.
  • Pokémon have been seen interacting from inside their Eggs-- Manaphy had used Heart Swap on Team Rocket before it even hatched (It was also implied that it was the one who gave May the dream involving the Sea Temple).
  • Through a glitch, eggs can actually battle in-game.