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Dream World logo

The Pokémon Dream World (Japanese: ポケモンドリームワールド Pokémon Dream World) is a special feature of Pokémon Black and White. Operated via the Pokémon Global Link website, the Dream World allows players to send a Pokémon to the internet to obtain items and meet other Pokémon, making the website like a Generation V analog to the Pokéwalker.


Fans may access the Dream World by creating an account at the Pokémon Daisuki Club website, which is available only in Japanese, or Pokemon.com for international players. To have full access to one's account, players must first send a Pokémon to the Dream World by using their C-Gear's only Online feature, Game Sync. After doing so, players may now have full access to the Global Link site. An account may only have one Pokémon Black and one Pokémon White game with access to it.

When doing certain actions for the first time, players are given a tutorial by Fennel. They may then explore the rest of the Dream World on their own. With the reopening of the Global Link site after the release of international versions of Black and White, players who have had Japanese accounts prior to the reopening will be given tutorials once again.

Due to the amount of people accessing the site at one time, players are currently given only one hour to access the Dream World a day. They may enter the Dream World again 24 hours after when they have entered. However, the website may occasionally be under maintenance, prohibiting access.



File:DW Home Outside.png
Outside the home
File:DW Home Inside.png
Inside the home

Players are given a home they can customize in the Dream World. With the use of certain berries, they may purchase Décor to decorate the rooms available in the house. The house itself may be remodeled for a certain amount of berries. Each day, players may also unlock one of up to five special pieces of Décor by talking to a designer named Loblolly in Nacrene City.

The house itself contains a treasure chest, where players may see the items they have in the Dream World. They will also have the option to send back to their games via the Entralink. The Friend Board is available for players to see which Pokémon they are going to send back to Pokémon Black or White, as well as showing the ones they have sent before.


Unlike past generation games, Black and White do not allow players to plant Berries. Instead, players may plant Berries in the Dream World in the garden found in the area to the left of their home in the Dream World. Two rows are available from the beginning for players to plant their berries in, with each row allowing players to plant up to three Berries. A third row will be dug by Diglett after players have earned at least 900 Dream Points, and a fourth after they've earned at least 2100.

Berries and other items are found throughout the Dream Island. They may either be sent to the player's games, be traded to other players or be used to buy Décor.

The Berry patches require watering, or they will dry out. A player can water their own Berries or others'. As of the April 2011 update, players may only water other players' Berries a total of twenty times per trip to the Dream World. However, players can water their own Berry patches an unlimited number of times.

Share Shelf

To the right of the player's home is a stand where items may be placed. Other players can swap their own items for items placed on a Share Shelf. A player will not be able to trade for an item that they already have, and will not be able to trade back an item they have traded away as of the April 2011 update. Each trade will earn the player 1 Dream Point.

Island of Dreams

File:DW Dream Tree Pokémon.png
Arriving at the Tree of Dreams

While players may access the other features of the Dream World even when they do not have a Pokémon in the Dream World, they may access the Island of Dreams only when they do have a Pokémon in the Dream World. The island has several areas players may explore, find items and befriend Pokémon. More areas are unlocked as players obtain Dream Points. If the player has access to more than one area, they are sent to a random area every time they go to the island. If players obtain the necessary amount of points to unlock an area, they can access the area even without logging out of Dream World or Global Link.

After exploring an area, players will go to the Tree of Dreams, where they may choose to leave a Berry in the tree and make a wish to choose one of their befriended Pokémon to send to the Entralink. If they do, they may not revisit the Island of Dreams until the next trip. However, if they do not choose to make a wish and befriend a Pokémon, they have the choice of visiting the island again to look for more Pokémon and items. Upon entering the Island of Dreams a certain number of times, players will start to find nothing on the island. Only fifty Pokémon may be sent to the Friend Board; this limit, however, has been removed from the pre-April 2011 version.


Area Unlock Method
Pleasant Forest Default
Windswept Sky 2500 Dream Points*
Sparkling Sea 5000 Dream Points*


After finding a Pokémon, players are given an option to participate in mini-games in order to befriend them. The type of game depends on the Pokémon species encountered. Getting certain amounts of points in a game allows players to obtain Pokémon with moves not normally obtained by leveling up.

Find the missing <Pokémon>!
  • Time limit: One minute, thirty seconds

"<Pokémon>" in the title gets changed depending on the Pokémon to be found. Players must find a certain Pokémon within the time limit by navigating through the map. They may see a bush, cloud, rock, or many other things rustling, or they may click objects themselves. Seeing something rustling or clicking on something may reveal a Pokémon hiding there. However, most often than not, it is not the Pokémon sought after. When encountering the wrong Pokémon, the timer temporarily pauses as to not penalize the player.

Players may click "Listen carefully" to hear if the Pokémon sought after is within a three block radius from the player. Players may also find an item lost by the Pokémon by clicking on some sparkles - an item that will be given to the Pokémon, allowing players to gain bonus points. The Pokémon to be found is always close to the item. The game automatically ends when the Pokémon is found.

  • Tip: Strategy for quick completion. Immediately hunt for the Item Sparkles that will be located in the center of the displayed area. There will always be one for the mini-game, and it will always be in the center of the displayed area. Once obtained, the missing Pokemon will be within two areas of the player. This technique will take 30 seconds at the most of the 90 seconds.
Let's play with a Flying Pokémon!
  • Time limit: Two minutes

Players must guide Pelipper using hand flags—the player's cursor—to finish the race. The space bar, on the other hand, as well as a button on the screen, allows players to pause the game. There are certain things that will help finish the race sooner or even later. Boost Energy, in the form of a symbol with a water drop or a symbol of the Pokémon's type, will earn points. Hitting three will make the Pokémon fly faster. Clouds, however, will slow down the Pokémon. Delay Energy, in the form of a symbol with a lightning bolt or a symbol the Pokémon is weak to, will slow down or stop the Pokémon. This will also make the Pokémon lose the Boost Energy it has earned. The game ends when the Pokémon reaches the goal.

Pile ice cream!
  • Time limit: One minute, thirty seconds

Players must choose a berry in their treasure chests to use in the game. The type of ice cream available will depend on the berry. Certain berries will bring ice cream that can be scooped more easily or stickier ice cream; the opposite is also true. Players must stack ice cream scoops on top of each other and at least reach the minimal goal of twenty inches to win the game. The score will be higher if the player balances three kinds of ice cream or if bite-size scoops are made, as well as if their stack is tall.

Berry Scoop/Stickiness
Flavor 1 Flavor 2 Flavor 3
Cheri Berry Cheri Berry 1/3 2/4 3/5
Chesto Berry Chesto Berry 1/3 3/5 2/4
Pecha Berry Pecha Berry 2/4 1/3 3/5
Rawst Berry Rawst Berry 2/4 3/5 1/3
Aspear Berry Aspear Berry 3/5 1/3 2/4
Leppa Berry Leppa Berry 2/4 3/5 5/1
Oran Berry Oran Berry 2/1 3/2 4/3
Persim Berry Persim Berry 2/2 3/3 4/4
Lum Berry Lum Berry 2/3 3/4 4/5
Sitrus Berry Sitrus Berry 1/4 2/5 4/1
Figy Berry Figy Berry 1/5 3/1 4/2
Wiki Berry Wiki Berry 1/5 4/2 3/1
Mago Berry Mago Berry 3/1 1/5 4/2
Aguav Berry Aguav Berry 3/1 4/2 1/5
Iapapa Berry Iapapa Berry 4/2 1/5 3/1
Razz Berry Razz Berry 1/1 2/2 3/3
Bluk Berry Bluk Berry 1/1 3/3 2/2
Nanab Berry Nanab Berry 2/2 1/1 3/3
Wepear Berry Wepear Berry 2/2 3/3 1/1
Pinap Berry Pinap Berry 3/3 1/1 2/2
Pomeg Berry Pomeg Berry 2/5 4/1 5/2
Kelpsy Berry Kelpsy Berry 2/5 5/2 4/1
Qualot Berry Qualot Berry 4/1 2/5 5/2
Hondew Berry Hondew Berry 4/1 5/2 2/5
Grepa Berry Grepa Berry 5/2 2/5 4/1
Tamato Berry Tamato Berry 5/2 4/1 2/5
Cornn Berry Cornn Berry 3/3 2/2 1/1
Magost Berry Magost Berry 1/1 2/2 3/3
Rabuta Berry Rabuta Berry 1/1 3/3 2/2
Nomel Berry Nomel Berry 2/2 1/1 3/3
Spelon Berry Spelon Berry 1/2 2/3 3/4
Pamtre Berry Pamtre Berry 1/2 3/4 2/3
Watmel Berry Watmel Berry 2/3 1/2 3/4
Durin Berry Durin Berry 2/3 3/4 1/2
Belue Berry Belue Berry 3/4 1/2 2/3
Occa Berry Occa Berry 3/1 4/2 5/3
Passho Berry Passho Berry 3/1 5/3 4/2
Wacan Berry Wacan Berry 4/2 3/1 5/3
Rindo Berry Rindo Berry 4/2 5/3 3/1
Yache Berry Yache Berry 5/3 3/1 4/2
Chople Berry Chople Berry 5/3 4/2 3/1
Kebia Berry Kebia Berry 3/1 4/2 5/3
Shuca Berry Shuca Berry 3/1 5/3 4/2
Coba Berry Coba Berry 4/2 3/1 5/3
Payapa Berry Payapa Berry 4/2 5/3 3/1
Tanga Berry Tanga Berry 5/3 3/1 4/2
Charti Berry Charti Berry 5/3 4/2 3/1
Kasib Berry Kasib Berry 3/1 4/2 5/3
Haban Berry Haban Berry 3/1 5/3 4/2
Colbur Berry Colbur Berry 4/2 3/1 5/3
Babiri Berry Babiri Berry 4/2 5/3 3/1
Chilan Berry Chilan Berry 5/3 3/1 4/2
Liechi Berry Liechi Berry 3/2 4/3 5/4
Ganlon Berry Ganlon Berry 3/2 5/4 4/3
Salac Berry Salac Berry 4/3 3/2 5/4
Petaya Berry Petaya Berry 4/3 5/4 3/2
Apicot Berry Apicot Berry 5/4 3/2 4/3
Lansat Berry Lansat Berry 3/4 4/5 5/3
Starf Berry Starf Berry 3/4 5/3 4/5
Enigma Berry Enigma Berry 3/3 4/4 5/5
Micle Berry Micle Berry 4/3 3/5 5/4
Custap Berry Custap Berry 4/3 5/4 3/5
Jaboca Berry Jaboca Berry 3/5 4/3 5/4
Rowap Berry Rowap Berry 3/5 5/4 4/3
Play with Wailord.
  • Time limit: one minute, thirty seconds

Players must guide Wailord and its spout to make four Pokémon - Pikachu, Meowth, Piplup, and Buizel - launch into the air and hit balls that match the Pokémon to make the balls open. To win, players must open at least fifteen balls. When a ball opens, lamps to the right side of the screen light up, and when five light up, the score multiplier increases. The multiplier goes back to the base value when a Pokémon falls into the water. If the player reaches the end of the game with none of the Pokémon falling into the water, they receive a 10,000 point bonus.



A male Doduo with Tangled Feet, its Hidden Ability
For a list of Pokémon and their Hidden Abilities, please see List of Pokémon by ability

Many Pokémon that are found in the Dream Island are not found in the Unova region, and would otherwise have to be migrated from a Generation IV game to be used. Almost all Pokémon are given Hidden Abilities that their species cannot have by normal means. Some Pokémon do not have Hidden Abilities because they are defined by their ability, such as Slaking, Shedinja, Castform, Plusle, Minun, Arceus, and many Pokémon with Levitate; however, some may still be encountered here.

Breeding mechanics

Female Pokémon with Hidden Abilities can pass on the Hidden Ability to their offspring. Breeding with Ditto does not pass on abilities. For example, if a female Darmanitan with Zen Mode bred with a male Simisage, the offspring Darumaka may have Inner Focus instead of the usual Hustle and would evolve into a Darmanitan with Zen Mode, instead of Sheer Force. However, it should be noted that there is also a chance of not passing on the ability.

Dream Pals

A player can become Dream Pals with another player by visiting their house and sending a Dream Pal request. The other player's footprint mat will then glow until the request is accepted, denied, or expires. If the other player accepts, the two players become Dream Pals, and a rainbow bridge will link the two players' homes on their Dream Pal maps.

When visiting another player's house, it is possible to view their Dream Pal map, and go directly to the houses of other Dream Pals of that player. This allows the creation of large networks of players.

In addition, on the player's Dream Pal map, a random player's house will appear in the bottom right-hand corner, as long as the privacy settings are set to "everyone". This player is randomly selected every time the player opens the Dream Pal map.

Dream Points

Dream Points are earned by doing certain actions in the Dream World. Similar to earning Watts in the Pokéwalker, gaining Dream Points allows players to unlock more areas on the Island of Dreams. As of December 21, 2010, all Dream Point requirements were halved permanently.

Activity Points Earned
Trading items via Share Shelf 1 Point
Picking berries 10 Points
Watering a friend's berries 10 Points
Winning a minigame 10 to 30 Points
Sending a new Pokémon to Entree Forest 50 Points

Waking up

Right before saving the game and finishing a session, players are given the option to make real the Pokémon friends they have met and any items they have collected. These items will become available immediately after waking a Pokémon up using the Game Sync function. Anything materialized from the Dream World into a copy of Pokémon Black or White can be found within the Entralink.

If the player earns 500 points between tucking the Pokémon in and waking it up, the Pokémon's level increases.

Waking up also initiates any Pokémon Black or White customizations made on the Global Link website.


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