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==Notable Doctors==
==Notable Doctors==
* {{an|Brock}}
* {{an|Brock}} (In Training)
* [[Dr. Moss]]
* [[Dr. Moss]]
* [[Dr. Abby]]
* [[Dr. Abby]]

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Pokémon Doctor-in-Training Brock

A Pokémon Doctor is a Pokémon Trainer who specializes in healing and taking care of injured and sick Pokémon. Unlike their real world counterparts, Pokémon Doctors seem not to be preferred over Nurse Joy and the healing capabilities of Pokémon Centers, with all the doctors in the anime having operated on their own or in small offices away from Pokémon Centers. Doctors have a wide range of knowledge, being able to treat many symptoms and knowing what types of berries and other healing items to use. Some doctors are also experts with evolution.

Notable Doctors