Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions

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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl will be the first true Pokémon RPG games for the Nintendo DS. The games are due for release in Japan in fall 2006. They will take place in the region of Shin'ō, and the player's starting area will be Futaba Town.

The games will be backward-compatible with Pokémon Ruby, Pokémon Sapphire, Pokémon Emerald, Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen using the Nintendo DS's Game Boy Advance slot. Players will be able to transfer Pokémon from these games to Diamond and Pearl once certain requirements in the latter games are met.

The day-night system first appearing in Pokémon Gold and Silver will return, now with four time periods: morning, day, evening, night. A new multifunction device called the Pokétchi, short for Pokémon Watch is also introduced. The professor's Japanese name is Dr. Nanakamado.

New Pokémon (known so far)