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A Pokémon Day was an annual event organised by Nintendo that took place in the Netherlands. It was originally held at a theme park, Avonturenpark Hellendoorn, and was moved to Walibi World in 2008. During each Pokémon Day (except for 2010), event Pokémon or items were given away. At every Pokémon Day there were several other things to do. You could test the newest Pokémon games, one could shop in one of the Pokémon Shops. They sold Pokémon Trading Card Game Booster Packs and other Pokémon products like plushies and Poké Balls. At every Pokémon Day one could view the newest movie. In 2008 the movie "Pokémon 10: The Rise of Darkrai" was broadcasted, in 2009 the movie "Pokémon 11: Giratina and the Sky Warrior" and in 2010 the movie "Pokémon 12: Arceus and the Jewel of Life".

In 2010 it seemed that the Pokémon Day was not held, because the same year Disney XD had taken over Jetix. At the last moment, two weeks before the Pokémon Day was held, it was announced on television.

The official website of the Pokémon Day was http://www.pokemonday.nl/ *

In 2010, the last Pokémon Day in Walibi World was held. PS-Games, the sponsor and distributor of the Pokémon Day in the Netherlands is declared bankrupt. That same company saw the profits fall with 3,9 million euro to 5,6 million euro indebted with 2,2 million euro.

A similar event is held in Italy and Germany every year.

Pokémon Day 2008

Pokémon Day was held from August 30 to 31 in 2008.

The event Pokémon of the year was Darkrai. The Dutch dub of The Rise of Darkrai was shown for the first time, and DVDs were sold.

There was also one free Pokémon Trading Card Game card: Pikachu Pokémon Day TCG Card.

Pokémon Day 2009

In 2009, it was held from August 29 to 30.

During the event, the Pokémon Regigigas was distributed. The Dutch dub of Giratina and the Sky Warrior was shown as well. As in the previous year, a free Pikachu trading card was distributed.


Pokémon Info Trainer Memo Battle Moves Ribbons
Master Ball REGIGIGAS Dex No. 486 Unknown nature. Steel Iron Head no Ribbon
Lv. 100 Type Aug. 29, 2009 Rock Rock Slide
Spr 4p 486.png Normal Unknown Pokémon Event Ice Icy Wind
OT EUSMR09 Met at Lv. 100. Normal Crush Grip
ID No. 07189   This Pokémon was available in the Netherlands
from August 29 to 30, 2009.
Item Ability  
Custap Berry Custap Berry Slow Start  
The date this Pokémon was received is determined by the date on the DS when it was obtained from the Poké Mart.
This Pokémon is English in origin.
Can be obtained with: D P Pt HG SS
Obtained from: PBR Ranch Ra SoA GS Distribution
Please go here to know this Pokémon's in-game effect.

Pokémon Day 2010

The Pokémon Day 2010 was held from August 28 to 29.

The Dutch dub of Arceus and the Jewel of Life was shown, and like always, visitors could pick up a goodie bag, which contained a Pikachu TCG promo card and other Pokémon merchandise. There wasn't a download this year, for unknown reasons.

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