Pokémon Day (Germany)

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A Pokémon Day is an annual event that takes place in Germany. It is organized by Nintendo and held at various cities on different days, usually in (or close to) McDonald's stores. During each Pokémon Day, event Pokémon or items are given away. A similar event is held in Italy and the Netherlands every year.

Pokémon Day 2004

The first Pokémon day was held in Hamburg. The event item given away was the Eon Ticket.

Pokémon Day 2005

Pokémon Day 2005 was held in Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Unterhaching and Stuttgart. The item Aurora Ticket was distributed. Prior to the event, promotional TCG cards featuring Deoxys and Rayquaza were given away at participating McDonald's stores.

Pokémon Day 2006

Main article: 10th Anniversary event Pokémon

The second Pokémon Days were from September 24 to Novemeber 05, 2006. The event took place at McDonalds stores in Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg and Nurnberg, as well as in Ehrenbreitstein Fortress near Koblenz. Visitors could play preview versions of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. The (until then widely unknown in Europe) Pokémon Trading Figure Game was also introduced.

Similar to other European countries, ten event Pokémon were distributed:

Pokémon Day 2007

Pokémon Day 2007 started on September 27, 2007 (the European release date of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl) and was held in thirteen different cities, starting in Berlin. The event Pokémon released was Mew.

Pokémon Day 2008

Pokémon Day was held was held in 16 cities from September 6 till November 2, 2008.

The event Pokémon of the year was Darkrai. There were also games for promoting Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness.

Pokémon Day 2009

In 2009, it was held in 6 cities starting on August 29th and ending on Ocotober 24. It was the first year in which RTLII, the TV station which broadcasts the Pokémon anime, was an official promotion partner. RTLII used the event to look for junior voice actors which would then promote the 11th season of the anime.

During the event, the Pokémon Regigigas was distributed. A free Pikachu trading card was also given away.

Notably, a hacker used a few of the Pokémon days to distribute a hacked version of the Japanese Arceus (Arceus was not officially available in Europe until April 2010).