Pokémon Counting Song

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GLORY DAY ~That Shining Day~
Japanese ending themes
I Won't Lose! ~Haruka's Theme~
Pokémon Kazoe Uta
Pokémon Counting Song
Artist 金沢明子
Akiko Kanazawa
Lyrics 戸田昭吾
Akihito Toda
Composer たなかひろかず
Hirokazu Tanaka
Arrangement たなかひろかず
Hirokazu Tanaka
Choreography パンプキン北野
Pumpkin Kitano
Pikachu Records single
Title バトルフロンティア
Battle Frontier
Catalog no. ZMCP-2302
This song debuted in the eighth Pokémon movie the week before its television debut.

Pokémon Counting Song (Japanese: ポケモンかぞえうた Pokémon Kazoe Uta) is the sixth ending theme song of the Japanese Advanced Generation Pokémon anime series, and the 19th ending overall.

It debuted in AG135, replacing GLORY DAY ~That Shining Day~. It debuted at the same time as a new opening, Battle Frontier.

The ending is reminiscent of a previous ending, Pokémon Ondo in both music and animation. It features many of the series' main Pokémon dancing. Many other anime change to Ondo theme songs in summer.


Meowth is shown pounding on a drum. Then Pikachu is shown clapping in between two lanterns. While Meowth is pounding on the drum, Wobbuffet and Chimecho appear, followed by Pikachu. Then Pikachu appears by a screen, showing a Charmander using Flamethrower. The flame reaches Meowth, who is in winter, but it then changes to summer and Meowth sweats. Another screen appears near Pikachu, this time showing an Articuno breathing Icy Wind out of its beak. the scene changes to Meowth again, this time enjoying the summer, but gets frozen when the scene changes to winter.

Then Combusken, Phanpy, Corphish, Pikachu, Squirtle, Mime Jr., and Grovyle all are dancing, while Meowth pounds on a drum and Bonsly is dancing in the balcony.

Then it changes to Pikachu and the screen again, which is showing a Mudkip laughing. It then shows Meowth pouring water on the Mudkip. Then it shows a Duskull wandering around. The scene changes to show Charmander. It turns out the Duskull was just protecting the flame on the Charmander's tail.

Then it switches to a scene with the Pokémon dancing again.



Japanese English
ア, ソレ ア, ゲット
ひとつ数えりゃ ヒトカゲのほのお
冬は重宝 けど夏はタマラン
ふたつ数えりゃ フリーザーの息
夏は重宝 けど冬はカンベン
唄って踊って ポケモンモン
踊って数えて いまいくつ
みっつ数えりゃ ミズゴロウわらる
水もしたたる いいポケモン
よっつ数えりゃ ヨマワルまわる
ヒトカゲのしっぽに 火の用心
唄って踊って ポケモンモン
踊って数えて いまいくつ
A, sore a, a GET
Count a single Charmander's flame
It's handy in winter but unbearable in summer
Count two Articuno's breath
It's handy in summer, but not in winter
Sing, dance, Pokémon-mon
Dance, now, how many can you count?
Count three Mudkip laughing
Would it be okay to drop water on that Pokémon?
Count four Duskull patrolling
Protecting the flame on Charmander's tail
Sing, dance, Pokémon-mon
Dance, now, how many can you count?


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GLORY DAY ~That Shining Day~
Japanese ending themes
I Won't Lose! ~Haruka's Theme~
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