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A Pokémon Coordinator is someone who raises Pokémon to compete in Pokémon Contests.

They raise their Pokémon much like Pokémon Trainers do, although with much more emphasis on beauty and appearances since they are major factors when it comes to points in Contests. They need to train their Pokémon to have beautiful moves, and be able to do well in Battles, as a battle tournament is the second round of a Contest.

Coordinators need a Contest Pass from a particular region to enter Contests there. Like trainers, coordinators travel throughout their region to catch and raise their Pokémon, however, unlike trainers, their goal is to collect Ribbons instead of badges. They need to collect five ribbons by winning various Contests in the region in order to be able to participate in that region’s Grand Festival. If they win the Grand Festival, they will be awarded the Ribbon Cup.

Coordinators in the Anime


May, a main character in Advanced Generation of the Anime, is a Pokémon Coordinator. She starts out her journey trying to become a trainer, but after seeing a Contest, she decides to become a coordinator. She has competed against numerous other coordinators, including her main rivals: Drew and Harley. She has also competed against Solidad, Kelly, Anthony, and Robert. May has grown in ability since she was first introduced to Contests, and has entered both the Hoenn and Kanto Grand Festivals. After the Kanto Grand Festival, she decided to leave Ash and Brock to travel to the Johto region to enter contests there.


Jessie, from Team Rocket, has entered many Contests under just as many aliases, such as Jessibella or Jessalina, in hopes of becoming rich and famous. She has won two Contests, both in the Sinnoh region. One was an unofficial Contest in which she used Ash’s Aipom. The other was an official Contest that she won using her Dustox.

Ash and Brock

Ash, although mainly a Pokémon Trainer, has entered two Contests for fun. One was an unofficial Contest in Kanto that ended in a tie with May, and the other was in Jubilife City which he entered with Dawn. They both ended up losing to Zoey. Brock has also entered a couple Pokémon Contests, usually to impress girls, but he is mainly a Pokémon Breeder.


Dawn, currently a main character in the Anime, is a Pokémon Coordinator much like May was before her. She is the daughter of Johanna, a famous Pokémon Coordinator in Sinnoh who won a past Sinnoh Grand Festival. Dawn has entered a few Contests, but has only won one of them, although her skills are improving. It is still too early for her to enter the Grand Festival. She has several rivals already. Zoey, Kenny, and Nando are a few. All of them seem to be more skilled than her.


Other coordinators featured in the Anime are Dr. Abby, who also runs a Pokémon Clinic, Yuma, who is also a Pokémon Breeder, Juan, also the Sootopolis City Gym Leader, and Marina, a main character in The Legend Of Thunder, Solidad, Kelly, Anthony, Robert, Drew, Harley, Zoey, Nando, and Kenny.

Coordinators in Manga

Daisy Oak

In Pokémon Special Daisy Oak, Professor Oak’s granddaughter and Green’s older sister, is a skilled Pokémon Coordinator.


Also in Pokémon Special, Ruby is a Pokémon Coordinator. He ran away from his home in Littleroot Town to be able to participate in Contests away from his father’s oppression. He was challenged by Sapphire to win all the Contests in Hoenn in 80 days, but was interrupted when he was needed to stop the rampaging Groudon and Kyogre.


Wallace is another great coordinator featured in Pokémon Special.


Pokémon Chamo-Chamo ☆ Pretty ♪'s main protagonist, Haruka, is a coordinator with a Torchic.

Coordinators in the video games

In Pokémon Ruby, Saphire, Emerald, Diamond, and Pearl, the player has a chance to enter Pokémon Contests, making them a part-time coordinator. They win ribbons after each victory. The contests in the video games are much different from those in the Anime. There is no Grand Festival, and there are different categories and ranks. In Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, the player’s mother, Johanna, and the Heathome Gym Leader, Fantina, are both famous coordinators.

Notable Coordinators

Coordinator Region Canon Top achievement
Daisy Oak Kanto Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Spring Contest Champion
Pokémon Special
Dawn Sinnoh Anime One ribbon
Drew Hoenn Anime Grand Festival Top 2 Hoenn Grand Festival
Grand Festival Top 4 Kanto Grand Festival
Fantina Sinnoh Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Ribbon Syndicate membership*
Harley Hoenn Anime Grand Festival Top 16
Haruka Pokémon Chamo-Chamo ☆ Pretty ♪
Jasmine Sinnoh Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Ribbon Syndicate membership*
Jessie Hoenn Anime One ribbon
Johanna Sinnoh Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Anime Grand Festival winner
Juan Hoenn Anime Grand Festival winner
Kenny Sinnoh Anime Two ribbons
May Hoenn Anime Grand Festival Top 4 Hoenn Grand Festival
Grand Festival Top 2 Kanto Grand Festival
Marina ??? Anime Grand Festival winner
Nando Sinnoh Anime Two ribbons
Robert Hoenn Anime Hoenn Grand Festival winner
Ruby Hoenn Pokémon Special Master Rank victory
Solidad Kanto Anime Kanto Grand Festival winner
Wallace Hoenn Pokémon Special
Zoey Sinnoh Anime Two ribbons
*Membership to the Ribbon Syndicate, an elite association of Coordinators in Sinnoh, requires
at least ten ribbons.


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