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Pokémon Communication Center
PokéCom Center
Pokémon Communication Center
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Pokémon Communication Center.png
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Location: Goldenrod CityC (Japanese version only)
Region: Johto
Generations: II
Johto Goldenrod City Map.png
Location of Pokémon Communication Center in Johto.
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The Pokémon Communication Center (Japanese: ポケモンコミュニケーションセンター Pokémon Communication Center) is an expanded Pokémon Center found exclusively in the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal. In that game, it replaces the normal Pokémon Center in the Johto city of Goldenrod. This building houses the machines required to access the Pokémon Mobile System GB. It is similar to the Pokémon Net CenterFRLG, Global Trade Station (GTS)DP, Global TerminalPtHGSS and Wi-Fi PlazaPtHGSS.

As the Mobile Adapter GB was never released outside of Japan, the Pokémon Mobile System GB features were disabled, and the Pokémon Communication Center was reverted to the regular Pokémon Center for the international releases of Pokémon Crystal. Despite this, all the features are still present in the internal data of the localizations; there, the Pokémon Communication Center is often referred to as simply PokéCom Center.

Initially, the background music played inside the Pokémon Communication Center is ポケモンセンター Pokémon Center and the facilities are inaccessible and unusable. Once the first successful connection to the Pokémon Mobile System GB is made, it changes to a theme of its own and the services become operational.


The Pokémon Communication Center is divided into three rooms:

  • The main room, where the player can find the Trade Corner (Japanese: トレードコーナー Trade Corner) and Pokémon News Machine (Japanese: ポケモンニュースマシン Pokémon News Machine);
  • The second floor, which houses the same regular linking facilities as an ordinary Pokémon Center;
  • The Administration Office (Japanese: かんりしつ Administration Office), a small room with three staff members as well as three PCs containing documentation and support articles about the mobile features.
    • Access to it is initially blocked off by an old man, who came to see the new machines in Goldenrod's Pokémon Center. He claims that the staff is still busy with the preparations; to the player, this means that once the first connection to the Pokémon Mobile System GB is sucessfully made, the old man will leave.

To use any of the facilities, players need to access the Mobile Center first in order to register themselves there.

In the Trade Corner, players can link with other players via mobile phone national-wide to trade Pokémon, much like the GTS in the Generation IV and V games. If the player brought the Egg Ticket received from the Day-Care Man at the Pokémon Day Care on Route 34 to the Pokémon Center Nurse in the Trade Corner, she would exchange it for an Odd Egg, which carried a rare Shiny Baby Pokémon knowing Dizzy Punch.

The Pokémon News Machine was a service which was updated monthly that would broadcast news and compile the data of other players across Japan. Beyond broadcasting news, the Pokémon News Machine also served as an interface in which the player could play minigames and participate in quizzes.


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The most influential event held by the Pokémon Communication Center was on April and May 2001 in Japan, and allowed the player to obtain a GS Ball from a Pokémon Center Nurse to summon a wild level 30 Celebi to battle at the Ilex Forest shrine, 24 hours after giving it to Kurt in Azalea Town for inspection. The event involved the player obtaining 16 Badges, before successfully completing the Chieko Dice minigame three times in a row and successfully answering the "ten card quiz" via the Pokémon News Machine.[1][2]

Two lesser known events also included the distribution of Bluesky Mail and Mirage Mail, which were already present in the internal data of Pokémon Gold and Silver. Likewise, these events were exclusive to Japan.


The creation of the Pokémon Communication Center and Mobile Center is explained by an administrator at the Administration Office.

ポケモンコミュニケーションセンターと モバイルセンターは とおくにいる トレーナーどうしや しらない トレーナーどうし でも たいせんや こうかんが できたら いいな という きぼうがあって つくられたんです
PokéCom Center and Mobile Center were built to satisfy demands for trades and battles with trainers far away and with total strangers.

On one of the PCs there, a staff member received an email that breaks the fourth wall, where Game Freak clearly states its desire of achieving the goal of allowing players to link with each other at worldwide level without facing the barriers of link cables in the future.

かんりしつに メールが きてる!

⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯

『ポケモンコミュニケーションセンター スタッフの みなさんへ

でんぱで つうしんが できるので ぜんこくの ポケモントレーナーが こうりゅう できるように なりましたね!
このさき いつか せかいじゅうの ポケモントレーナー ぜんいんが つうしん できるように なる ひまで がんばってください!

⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯
The Administration Office received an e-mail. It says…

…… …… ……

To the PokéCom Center staff…

Wireless communication has enabled Pokémon trainers to interact across the nation.
Let's keep working for the day when all the trainers in the world can link without barriers!

…… …… ……

In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, there's a Global Terminal in the western area of Goldenrod City. Its location there might have been inspired by the Pokémon Communication Center.


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