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The Pokémon Communication Center in the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal, seen here in a hacked English version with the facility and the unused English scripts restored.

The Pokémon Communication Center or PokéCom Center (Japanese: ポケモンコミュニケーションセンター Pokémon Communication Center) is an expanded Pokémon Center found exclusively in the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal. In that game, it replaces the normal Pokémon Center in Goldenrod. This building houses the machines necessary to use the Pokémon Mobile System GB. It was never implemented outside of Japan, likely due to the fact that cell phones were not as advanced or popular in other regions at the time. Despite this, it is still present in the code of the international releases. It is similar to the GTS, Global Terminal, Wi-Fi Plaza, and the Pokémon Net Center.

Special event

The Pokémon Communication Center had a special mobile event which allowed players to obtain the GS Ball. This item, given by a Pokémon Center Nurse, may be taken to Kurt in Azalea Town to investigate. After a day passes, taking the GS Ball to the shrine in Ilex Forest summons a level 30 Celebi to battle.


  • The Pokémon Communication Center's location in Goldenrod City may have inspired the Global Terminal's location in the same city in HeartGold and SoulSilver.
  • Inside the Administration Office, the upper-left PC will read an email saying that they will keep working on until the day when all Trainers around the world will be able to link together without barriers. This turned out to be true when the release of Diamond and Pearl brought players around the world together with Wi-Fi.

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