Pokémon Colosseum Double Battle e

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Pokémon Colosseum Double Battle e (Japanese: ポケモンコロシアムダブルバトルカードe+ Pokémon Colosseum Double Battle Card e+) is a Japan only, Battle e card set for Pokémon Colosseum. They utilize the Japanese e-Reader+ peripheral. There are four unique card packs to collect, each containing five different Trainer cards and a special stage card. The cards in this set allow the player to have virtual battles in a special room in Phenac Stadium in the Japanese version of Pokémon Colosseum.

Release date

  • Japan: December 25, 2003

Set size

There are 24 cards in the set: 20 Trainer cards and 4 stage cards.

The Double Battle-e system also features three difficulty settings (Easy, Medium, and Difficult), with Medium becoming available after all cards in Easy are defeated and likewise for Difficult after Medium is defeated. Thus, unlike the Ruby and Sapphire e-Reader sets, in which each Trainer card unlocked only one battle, it is possible to unlock three different battles with each of the Trainers in the Colosseum sets. Opposing Pokémon in the Easy, Medium, and Difficult difficulties have levels near to 40, 50, and 60 respectively.


These cards can be used in a virtual battle room at the Phenac Stadium in Japanese Colosseum games; in other versions of Colosseum, this room is not accessible. There are two modes of battle: Panel Battle and Endless Battle. At first, only the Panel Battle mode is available.

In Panel Battle mode, VR Trainers are faced by scanning Trainer cards into the e-Reader, and as the player defeats different VR Trainers, a panel for that Trainer is filled in. Defeating VR Trainers also earns the player Poké Coupons. Defeating all of the VR Trainers for a given pack will reveal a bonus VR Trainer who will challenge the player. If the player defeats the most difficult VR Trainers, they will unlock the Endless Battle mode.

The Endless Battle mode is an endurance challenge against all 20 VR Trainers, followed by a special VR Trainer who will battle using a Shadow Pokémon that can be caught (and which counts towards the number of Shadow Pokémon the player has caught). The Shadow Pokémon that the special VR Trainer uses depends on the challenge's difficulty: for Easy it is Togepi, for Normal it is Mareep, and for Difficult it is Scizor. If the player safely passes the Endless Battle mode, they will receive Poké Coupons as a reward.

The stage cards can be used to change the virtual battle stage from the default Phenac Stadium stage.

Card packs

Red Pack

Card ID Card Name
13-A001 Chaser Draw
13-A002 Fun Old Man Yamon
13-A003 Rider Hipp
13-A004 Rich Boy Aito
13-A005 Cooltrainer Nicol
13-M001 Pyrite Colosseum

Blue Pack

Card ID Card Name
13-A006 Fun Old Lady Tome
13-A007 Hunter Lios
13-A008 Rider Seno
13-A009 Lady in Suit Shana
13-A010 Cooltrainer Sildy
13-M002 Under Colosseum

Yellow Pack

Card ID Card Name
13-A011 Athlete Kilk
13-A012 Guy Hank
13-A013 Roller Boy Cut
13-A014 Lady Cal
13-A015 Worker Orren
13-M003 Deep Colosseum

Green Pack

Card ID Card Name
13-A016 Athlete Ariel
13-A017 Bandana Guy Wamoo
13-A018 Glasses Man Kai
13-A019 St.Performer Susie
13-A020 Teacher Niena
13-M004 Realgam Tower


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