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For information about the retail store chain, see Pokémon Center (store).

Pokémon Centers (Japanese: ポケモンセンター Pokémon Center) provide regulatory services for Pokémon trainers. One such service they offer is healing Pokémon free of charge. They also serve as gathering places for trainers. There are Pokémon Centers in every major town and some additional areas.

In the games

In the Pokémon games, a clinic heals Pokémon in seconds flat, and a Link Club facilitates multiplayer gameplay. Trainers also have access to a PC so that they can change out their party. Sometimes valuable information can be collected at Pokémon Centers from the gossipy trainers.

The setup of the Centers has varied slightly throughout the progression of the series.

Kanto Cable Club

The original link-up place was at the far end of the Pokémon Center in Generation I Kanto. Two players linked by cable could trade and battle Pokémon.

Johto Cable Club

Located upstairs in a Pokémon Center throughout Johto, this Cable Club consisted of three rooms. The Cable Trade Center facilitated trading, the Cable Club Colosseum allowed battling, and the Cable Club Time Machine provided a way to trade Pokémon with the Generation I games. (Note: In order to deal with Pokémon Gold and Silver's lack of a female player sprite, before the Pokémon Crystal version female player can enter a Cable Club room linked a Gold of Silver version, she has to change her clothes to a boy-style.

Johto Mobile Center

Only in the Japanese Crystal version, the Pokémon Communication Center in Goldenrod City. Added was the ability to battle over mobile phones upstairs, and two new items downstairs: Pokémon News, a news machine which aggregated news about trainer accomplishments and Trade Corner, which let a trainer place a Pokémon up for trade.

Hoenn Cable Club

Similar to the Cable Club in Johto, the Hoenn Cable Club's Pokémon Center has a Cable Club Colosseum and a Cable Club Trade Center. Added is the Cable Club Record Center, which allows two to four trainers to swap data. Similar to the Pokémon News in Crystal version, swapped trainer data shows up on television shows on televisions found all across Hoenn. Also, trainers' Secret Bases are copied over in the record mixing.

Kanto/Hoenn Wireless Club and Cable Club

The Generation III Kanto and Pokémon Emerald version Hoenn have a Wireless Club. The Wireless Club meets in the Union Room , where up to 40 trainers may (in groups of five) talk and battle, as well as trade via a trading board similar to the Crystal version Trade Corner. The Cable Club's room has the standard Trade Center and Colosseum. Pokémon Emerald version's Cable Club also has the Record Corner.

In the anime

In the anime, a Nurse Joy heads each Pokémon Center. The healing process takes place in real time, unlike in the games. All Pokémon Centers are connected and in times of crisis, all Pokémon can be transferred from one to another, as seen in Pokémon Emergency.

Pokémon Centers are designed for trainers so they can rest between heavy training. Trainers use Centers as a gathering places, so they can share information about Pokémon. They also have access to Video Phones, and most offer free food and lodging. Inside a typical Pokémon Center, one can find a front desk, a lobby (sometimes with with vending machines), a Poké Ball room, an Emergency Room with plenty of beds for injured Pokémon, a recovery room, a waiting room, rooms for lodging, and a cafeteria. On the outside, the come in all shapes and sizes, but usually have a giant P attached somewhere.