Pokémon Blue Version (Japanese)

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Pokémon Blue Version
Pokémon Blue Version's boxart, featuring Blastoise.
Basic info
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Category: RPG
Players: 2 players simultaneous
Connectivity: None
Developer: Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK Inc.
Publisher: Nintendo
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Release dates
Japan: Oct 10, 1996
North America: N/A
Australia: N/A
Europe: N/A
South Korea: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
English: N/A

The Japanese version of Pokémon Blue (Japanese: ポケットモンスター Pocket Monsters Blue) was the third Pokémon game released in Japan. It was released as a graphical upgrade from the original games, Pokémon Red and Green. Various other fixes were also implemented. It provided the engine for the American Pokémon Red and Blue.

It was only sold to CoroCoro subscribers initially.

Changes from Pokémon Red and Green

Unobtainable Pokémon

  • Ekans
  • Arbok
  • Vulpix
  • Ninetales
  • Mankey
  • Primape
  • Bellsprout
  • Weepinbell
  • Victreebel
  • Electabuzz
  • Magmar

In-Game Trades

Location Player's Pokémon Traded Pokémon
Route 2 Jigglypuff Mr. Mime
Route 5 Rattata Poliwag
Route 8 Rhydon Kangaskhan
Route 18 Persian Tauros
Cerulean City Machoke Haunter
Vermilion City Pidgey Farfetch'd
Cinnabar Island Kadabra Graveler
Cinnabar Island Seel Slowpoke
Cinnabar Island Growlithe Krabby

Of interesting note are the old man trades in Cerulean City and Cinnabar Island. In the English translations of Red and Blue, when these men are traded with, they claim the Pokémon traded to them "went and evolved", despite the fact that this makes no sense whatsoever for Raichu (it coincidently did for Poliwhirl). This is explained by the text of the game being taken from the Japanese version of Blue, and in this version, the claim of evolution after those trades do indeed make sense. This also explains the presence of low leveled Tauros and Kangaskhan in Pika Cup R2 in Pokémon Stadium.

Another thing to note is that Pokémon only obtainable through in-game trades in Red and Green can be caught in the wild in Blue. Jynx is catchable in Seafoam, whereas Lickitung can be caught in the Safari Zone.

Game Corner Prizes

Prize Cost (Coins)
Abra 150
Pikachu 620
Horsea 1000
Clefable 2880
Dragonair 5400
Porygon 8300
TM23 (Dragon Rage) 3300
TM15 (Hyper Beam) 5500
TM50 (Substitute) 7700


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