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The engine that powers Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, like Pokémon Gold and Silver and their Generation IV remakes, is directly based on that of its predecessors. Despite this, they still go through similar stages of development as all other main series games.


Pokéstar Studios

There are alternate colored sprites for several Pokéstar Studios opponents within the internal data, which are presumably Shiny sprites. However, it isn't possible to encounter the Shiny sprites in the final release.

Spr 5b2 F-00 s.png Spr 5b2 F-00 2 s.png
The alternate colored F-00 The alternate colored F-00 2


Every key item's sprite since Generation III, including the ones not in Generation IV such as the Fame Checker, exist in the games' data. Furthermore, item data for all key items since Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are still present.

Pokémon World Tournament

In the internal text file for the Pokémon World Tournament, there are two complete sets of unused text strings for Hilbert and Hilda, the player characters of Pokémon Black and White. These strings are located between the ones for Volkner and the Driftveil Tournament participants.[1] This indicates that they were intended to appear as opponents on an unidentified tournament; in the final release, with the exception of multiplayer interactions with either Black or White, neither character appears at all but are frequently referred to by other characters.

Unlike the Memory Link references to the player character in the final release, their names are permanently set as Hilbert and Hilda. Both sets of text are identical, with the exception of swapping the respective names as necessary.


The moments in the player's adventure at which the quotes are labeled to originate from are conjecture, based on the ordering consistency of the text strings used and by associating them with the remaining text strings for the Pokémon World Tournament used in the regular gameplay.

  • Announcer's introduction
"Meet Hilbert/Hilda, the Trainer some claim to be the strongest of all!"
  • Before battle (first round)
"Everything can be understood through Pokémon battles! Let's go!"
  • Before battle (second round)
"Words are the source of all misunderstanding! Everything can be understood through Pokémon battles! Let's go!"
  • Before battle (final round)
"You communicate with Pokémon using feelings, not words! Everything can be understood through Pokémon battles! Let's go!"
  • When defeated
"Thank you!"
  • If the player is defeated
"I just lucked into winning... Isn't that how it felt?"
  • After being defeated
"Hilbert/Hilda: Make your dreams come true! Someone once encouraged me to do that. Even now, I'm continuing my journey to realize those dreams."
  • After winning
"Hilbert/Hilda: I'll leave you with words someone told me once. Dream your dream!"

Unused Text

Several lines of unused weather effect text appear within the internal data of Black, White, Black 2, and White 2. Notably, quotes for fog exist within the text, implying that fog functionality was planned to exist in Black and White. While the final game does include foggy locations, such as Route 15, the fog weather condition does not appear in battles.

Fog crept up as thick as soup!
The fog lifted.
The sandstorm rages.
The hail crashes down.

Route 10

The maps used for Route 10 weren't entirely removed, as the textures, models and collision data remains, although the scripts, text, wild Pokémon data and building data are no longer present. By reverse engineering the game and using a walk through walls cheat, Route 10 can be accessed again, although the original entrance to the Badge check gates has been replaced with a rock, impeding progression towards the original Victory Road. Route 6’s theme will play instead of Route 10’s.

The game still identifies the location as "Route 10" in the save menu. However, when entering the route, no eyecatch is present, and when viewing the Town Map, the arrow pointer defaults to the center of the map. This is because the route technically doesn't exist in the game anymore.

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