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Pokémon Battle Chess BW Version (Japanese: ポケモンバトルチェス BWバージョン) is a board game based on the game chess (with some aspects of shogi) in which the traditional chess pieces are replaced with Pokémon. It was published by The Pokémon Company. The game was first released on December 26, 2011, but has, for weeks prior to its release, been available for players online as a game on the official website.

An additional set was released May 18, 2012. The set includes new Pokémon, such as Ho-Oh, Lugia, and Pikachu.


Each player starts with two Patrat, two Zoroark, one Serperior, one Emboar, one Samurott, and one Pokémon Egg containing Victini. Each player also has Reshiram and Zekrom pieces four times the size of normal pieces that can only be placed in certain circumstances. The aim of the game is to beat the opponent's Victini.

Pieces are only allowed to move and attack in certain directions. Unlike chess, there is a concept of power: if the attacker has more power than the defender, then it attacks instantly. If it has less or equal, it draws a Power Plus card, boosting the power +0, +20, +30, +40 or +70 (note that +0 is in the deck twice). If a +70 is drawn or if the deck runs out, all the cards get shuffled back into the deck immediately. If the attacking Pokémon has more power after the Plus Power, the defender is damaged; if the defender has more, the attacker is damaged. If they have the same power after the Plus Power, no one is damaged.

When pieces are damaged for the first time, they are turned over and the second time they are damaged, they are removed. Victini and its egg are an exception. The egg can be damaged three times, each time a part going out of play, then the Victini hatches and behaves like a normal piece. Usually power is lowered after damage but Emboar and Victini's power is raised.

Pokémon Power
Initial Damaged
Patrat Yellow Battle Chess.png
60 50
Zoroark Yellow Battle Chess.png
70 50
Serperior Yellow Battle Chess.png
90 60
Samurott Blue Battle Chess.png
90 60
Emboar Yellow Battle Chess.png
70 100
Victini Yellow Battle Chess.png
40 80
Reshiram Yellow Battle Chess.png
120 100
Zekrom Yellow Battle Chess.png
110 100

To use Zekrom, the player must have lost 3 pieces. To use Reshiram, the player must have lost 4 pieces. The count is reset when either is used. Zekrom and Reshiram are not considered lost pieces for this count.

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