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The logo of Pokémon Bank

The Pokémon Bank (Japanese: ポケモンバンク Pokémon Bank) is a downloadable online application for the Nintendo 3DS that will be available for the Nintendo eShop. It will serve as a complement to Pokémon X and Y.

Due to server expenses, use of the software will require the payment of an annual fee.


Pokémon Storage

Pokémon Bank being used in a copy of Pokémon X

The main feature of Pokémon Bank is the possibility of players depositing up to 3000 Pokémon from the games in an online cloud. The referred cloud will work as a PC, and will have 100 boxes capable of carrying, like in a normal PC, 30 Pokémon each. It will feature search options allowing the player to locate deposited Pokémon.

Poké Transporter

Main article: Poké Transporter
The logo of Poké Transporter

After the download of Pokémon Bank, it is possible to use a separately downloaded app, the Poké Transporter, to transfer Pokémon from Generation V games to the cloud. After this, it is possible to complete such migration by simply downloading them to the Generation VI game.

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