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Pokémon Art Academy (ポケモン アートアカデミー Pokémon Art Academy) is a school where the students learn to draw Pokémon and design Pokémon cards. It is the main setting of the Nintendo 3DS game Pokémon Art Academy.

Professor Andy runs the academy.


The school is a 4-story building that resembles a castle. It is located in the middle of a road intersection, between other similarly tall buildings. There is a water fountain at the street near the entrance. There is a short flight of stairs at the outside of the entrance door, between two Noctowl statues.

The top floor has a dome with curved glass ceiling, and Poké Ball-like round windows. This floor also has a Mega Blaziken statue, and some drawings are displayed here.

Inside, there is Professor Andy's office, which includes a portrait of his brother Vince.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms is seen as a black and white image in the game. It includes four sections:

  • a Pikachu face at the top left
  • a Gengar face grinning at the top right
  • a pen drawing at the bottom left
  • a pencil drawing at the bottom right


The player and a friendly classmate (Lee if the player is female, or Lily if the player is male) are students at the Pokémon Art Academy.

ID card

The students have their ID cards, with their name and level, and to track their progress in the academy. The player is given an ID card with the "Applicant" level at the start of the game, before being accepted into the academy.

The player is asked to sign the card when receiving it. The signature is displayed in future Pokémon cards drawn by the player.

Student levels

The student levels are Applicant, Starter, Novice, Apprentice, and Graduate.


The player is expected to copy Pokémon images while following the instructions of Professor Andy. When the player begins the game, the first drawing is considered an entrance exam to see if they can be accepted into the academy. Once this first drawing is done, the player is accepted and other drawing assignments will follow.

The player can choose from several images, and the their classmate (Lee or Lily) does the same assignment as the player. As long as the player is drawing, Professor Andy explains the drawing tools (such as the zoom tool, and the undo/redo buttons) and advises the player about how to draw each portion of the image. He also tells the player some facts about the Pokémon species.

Once the player's drawing is done, it is shown as a Pokémon card. It includes the Pokémon type and the player's signature. The signature is also visible to other people when sharing images with the Local Play.

The player's classmate is usually embarrassed to realize that their drawing has many mistakes, but Professor Andy encourages them to keep drawing and improve.


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