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Apokélypse poster

Pokémon Apokélypse, originally known as simply Pokémon, is a fan-made trailer created by Dylan Innes and Lee Majdoub. It follows the future life of Ash Ketchum (Lee Majdoub) and his battles in cockfight-style battles.

Originally released as an e-mail to several Pokémon fansites, sent from a "Professor Oak" with the subject "secret movie trailer screening", Pokémon Apokélypse proved to be a shock to much of the Internet. The creators announced that they will not make a full-length film, due to the fact that they do not have a Hollywood budget.

The film took nearly two years to make. There were several scenes not included in the actual trailer; one of them was a small cutscene of Meowth snorting a line of Rare Candy.



The trailer starts with a sign of Celadon City the "city of Rainbow dreams". Then, it cuts to a badge case, a newspaper article entitled "Kid Wonder Defeats Elite 4" and Ash with a smoking Brock in the foreground. They then talk about the recently closed Celadon City Gym and the absence of Pokémon Masters. Brock then mentions the fact that Pikachu will die if Ash continues this. Later on, Giovanni asks Ash if he will take a bribe so his Ivysaur will win. Ash originally refuses, but then accepts. Misty gets angry at him. They hug after Ash apologizes. Pikachu nearly dies due to the injuries he sustained during the fight. Ash then arrives at Giovanni's headquarters to return the money he made. Giovanni gets aggravated and says he will kill everyone Ash ever knew. He succeeds in doing so with Professor Oak. Ash then tries to defeat Team Rocket and regain his reputation. On that note, the trailer ends.


Ash Ketchum Lee Majdoub
Pikachu Ikue Ohtani (audio taken directly from the anime)
Misty Rebecca Strom
Brock Kial Natale
Jessie Julia Lawton
James Gharret Patrick Paon
Meowth N/A
Giovanni David Quast
Professor Oak Richard Toews


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