Pokémon Adventures volume 9

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  • First published in Japan by Shōgakukan: August 8, 2001
    • ISBN 4091493394
  • First published in Singapore by Chuang-Yi: September 2003
    • ISBN 9812415114


Important events

  • Gold's Togepi hatches.
  • Gold and Silver battle the Masked Man and loses.
  • Green becomes a Gym Leader.
  • Red leaves Pika with Yellow.

Party changes



Character summary

This is Silver's Pokédex information and party at the end of this volume.

Silver's Pokédex

  • Gym badges: 4
  • Pokémon seen: 54
  • Pokémon owned: 10

Silver's Party



  • This is the last volume where Mato is the manga's illustrator.


  • There are a few errors in the brief description of volume 9:
    • The Pokédex is said shown to be a new gadget but it is not.
    • Bill is mentioned as a new character.
    • It also says that Crystal is a shadow.
    • Also, says that Yellow becomes the owner of the third Pokédex when in fact Crystal is the owner.
  • When Silver's party is explained at the end of the book, there are six errors:
    • Silver's Sneasel is referred to Sneasal.
    • Kingdra was referred to as Kingora.
    • Tyranitar was also referred to as Kingora.
    • The Template:Type2 was referred to as the Evil-type.
    • Sneasel only had one type (the Evil type), though it is also part Template:Type2.
    • Kingdra's trainer was listed as Dragon, instead of its secondary type being Dragon.
      • It should be noted that most, if not all, of these errors are due to Chuang Yi literally translating the names, instead of doing proper research.
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