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Pokémon Aaah!, or PA!, was a Pokémon website that focused mostly on the Pokémon Trading Card Game and lasted between 1999 and 2004. PA! was created and mostly maintained by Nick15. The site was probably best known for popularizing images and fan made (fake) Pokémon TCG cards, as well as having spoilers of future TCG sets before they were even released in Japan. PA! was also known to have a mischievous side, creating and maintaining various hoaxes and other fakes to fool the Pokémon community at large.

In October 2000, two ex-staff members of PA!, The Echidna and Purity, left PA! and created the currently active Pokémon Zeo!.

In February 2004, PA! was turned into FakeCard.com, and was shut down permanently the following May. Most of the site, including fake cards and TCG information, was transferred to The Pokémon Labs.

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