Pokémon 2000 Stadium Tour

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The 2000 Stadium Tour logo

The Pokémon 2000 Stadium Tour was a series of events that were held across the United States in 2000 promoting the release of Pokémon Stadium for the Nintendo 64 game console. At the event, attendees could see a preview of Pokémon Stadium and receive a Mew for the Generation I Game Boy games. Using the new Transfer Pak, competitors were able to watch their best Pokémon, from their favorite Game Boy game, battle in full 3D on the Nintendo 64. The Stadium Tour hosted Pokémon Battles in three skill groups: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Trainers were allowed to use either Pokémon Red, Blue, or Yellow for the tournament. If the attendees and their Pokémon performed well, they had the opportunity to earn Official Pokémon Trainer Badges. Pokémon Masters from Nintendo were on-hand to challenge the very best Pokémon Trainers to a Pokémon Master Trainer Challenge on mammoth big screen televisions. The winner of the east coast tournament at the Montgomery Mall in Maryland was Alex Ed Prins-Stairs.

The Final Battle

The final Pokémon battle for the trophy was fought three on three, with Alex Ed Prins-Stairs vs a "Pokémon Master" Staff member. The battle could be seen live and in 3D for the first time on a big screen television using Pokémon Stadium which hadn't been released yet. Ed's team was Mewtwo, Mew and Starmie while the staff members' team was Mewtwo, Mew and Articuno. After a long battle where both Mewtwos were the remaining Pokémon on the field & Recover Rest and Thunder Wave were the only available moves on either side, rather than take up time with non-damaging moves, the staff member forfeited and declared Alex Ed Prins-Stairs the winner. The trophy was mailed to the winner along with a Poké Ball filled with candy and a Mewtwo plushie.

East Coast Tour dates (2000)

Date City
February 5-6 Baltimore, Maryland
February 12-13 Tampa, Florida
February 19-20 Miami, Florida
February 26-27 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 4-5 New York/New Jersey
March 11-12 Boston, Massachusetts
March 18-19 Cincinnati, Ohio
March 25-26 Detroit, Michigan
April 1-2 Chicago, Illinois
April 8-9 St. Louis, Missouri

West Coast Tour dates (2000)

Date City
February 5-6 New Orleans, Louisiana
February 12-13 Houston, Texas
February 19-20 Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas
February 26-27 Los Angeles (North), California
March 4-5 Los Angeles (South), California
March 11-12 Phoenix, Arizona
March 18-19 Sacramento, California
March 25-26 Portland, Oregon
April 1-2 Minneapolis, Minnesota
April 8-9 Kansas City, Kansas


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