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Pokemonaus Forums
Pokémonaus forum banner.png
The current banner
Language English
Status Active
Run April 22, 2010 - Present
Date opened April 22, 2010
Creator Lucario
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Forum PokemonAus Forums
Mascot None
Website Main page

PokémonAus Forums – colloquially known as PAf – is a Pokémon forum that is an offshoot of the PokémonAus news site. It allows users to discuss news regarding Pokémon in Australia and acts as a meeting place for Pokémon fans in the country (and sometimes abroad) to discuss "everything from Abomasnow to Zweilous".




The PokémonAus section contains topics such as the Rules and FAQ, discussion of the main site and forum, PokemonAus.com News Centre (where news that is published on the main site is found) and the Professor's Lab, a place where new members can make welcome threads and introduce themselves.


Topics here include General Pokémon Discussion, Pokémon Anime and Movies, and Pokémon Merchandise.


Topics here include threads dedicated to the last two previously released generations, general discussions for any Pokémon games on consoles or handheld devices. Also included are topics for any other game and topics exclusively relating to Nintendo.

Online Gaming

The Online Gaming topic includes threads dedicated to trading and battling against other Pokémon trainers via Wi-Fi. Online Pokémon tournaments (via Pokémon Online) are also held here.

Sub-topics include:
Black & White Battles: Dedicated battles for Pokémon Black & White.
Black & White Trades: Dedicated trades for Pokémon Black & White.

Also included are topics for general online gaming.


The Creative Discussions usually include things that aren't necessarily Pokémon related. These topics include: General Discussion, Entertainment Lounge, where movies, TV, and music is discussed, Fan Projects, where fanfiction and art are displayed, Forum Games, and the Spam Toilet, where posts don't contribute to your post count.



  • Lucario (Site Founder)
  • Pixie

Global Moderators

  • Slick

Fan Art Moderator

  • Serris

Previous Mods & those on leave

  • Speedy G
  • Doridor

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