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Pokémon.com is the official Pokémon website. Each iteration has had an online Pokédex. Pokémon.com has updated info on most Pokémon games, particularly the latest ones, such as new missions for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2. There is a media player that allows songs from the Pokémon X album to be played. There is also a section called the "Funzone" where there are downloads, games (mostly on the Advanced Generation series), and puzzles, as well as a Mailbag. A video game section provides information on every Pokémon video game and links to a few mini-sites, as well as the pages for the games on nintendo.com. The "TV & Movies" section has a complete episode guide, from the very first episode to the most recent episode; it also has links to the official movie sites. Pokémon.com is known as the number-one source for Pokémon news and information.

Pokémon Center

The Pokémon Center website on its last day of operation

The Pokémon Center was an online store where people could buy different kinds of Pokémon merchandise over the internet. It also featured exclusive items only available at the online store. The store closed on January 31, 2008. When it was closed, it was claimed that Pokémon merchandise would now be mainly distributed by other retailers.

Nintendo Events

Most players visit Pokémon.com so that they may go to the latest Nintendo event in an effort to obtain event-only Pokémon. It has the Ranger Net code for receiving Manaphy and how to transfer it to Diamond and Pearl. Once, a shadow of Darkrai appeared, hinting at the then-upcoming release of The Rise of Darkrai, and a shadow of Shaymin, hinting that the movie Giratina and the Sky Warrior would be coming. This does not apply for Arceus, who was directly revealed without a shadow.

Sub sites

Whenever a new Pokémon game comes out, a sub site on Pokémon.com is created. These sites serve as providers of news on that particular game, activities relevant to that game, game help, etc. However, sub sites are not just for games, they are for a multitude of things. For example, there is a sub site with the Pokémon currently on the GTS, and two outdated sites; one for Manaphy and the other for Darkrai. "Mini Sites" are areas of the website made for games that are not as important as the ones with subsites, such as Pokémon Battle Revolution.


  • Several (but not all) Pokémon namespaces (such as "bulbasaur.com") redirect to Pokémon.com, and others, such as "nintendo.com", "Manaphy.com", and "darkrai.com", redirect to their respective subsites. Ironically, typing "pokémon.com" will not redirect.

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