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PokéGear artwork by Ken Sugimori

Pokémon Gear (Japanese: ポケモンギア Pokémon Gear), or more commonly just PokéGear (Japanese: ポケギア PokéGear), is an important item for Pokémon trainers. It looks like a large, advanced, wristwatch, with a symbol resembling an S or a backwards 2 (perhaps the Silph Co. logo) at the top. It was first introduced in Generation II; the Generation III analog to the PokéGear appears to be the PokéNav, while the Generation IV counterpart is the Pokétch.


The main character of Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal receives a PokéGear from their mother at the start of their journey. It has several functions, some of which will need to be unlocked during the game by receiving special expansion cards.

The time function.


The PokéGear displays the day of the week and the time of day, entered at the beginning of the game.

A glitch in Pokémon Gold and Sliver occurred in which if the functions were scrolled through, the day will instantly change. It was fixed in Pokémon Crystal.

Viewing the Radio Tower in the map function.


The PokéGear displays a map of Johto and later Kanto.

A Map Card is required for this function; this is obtained from the guide in Cherrygrove City.

The phone function.


The PokéGear will function like a cellphone, allowing the user to make calls to people that they've traded phone numbers with. This allows the player to talk to other characters and learn informaton from them, such as battling tips or when rare Pokémon appear. Up to ten people can be saved onto the phone.

Trainer phone listing

Person Location Extra
Bill Goldenrod City Calls when Bill's PC box is full.
Bird Keeper Jose Route 26 Gives away Star Pieces.
Bird Keeper Vance Route 44 Gives away Carbos.
Black Belt Kenji Route 45 Gives away PP Ups during random lunch breaks at noon.
Buena Goldenrod City Crystal only: obtainable after getting 30 Blue Card points.
Bug Catcher Arnie Route 35 Calls during a Yanma swarm.
Bug Catcher Wade Route 31 Reminds player of the Bug-Catching Contest. Gives away berries.
Camper Todd Route 34 Reminds player of the Goldenrod City Department Store's bargain sale.
Cooltrainer Beth Route 27
Cooltrainer Gaven Route 27
Cooltrainer Reena Route 26
Fisher Chris*/Tully* Route 42 Crystal only: Gives away Water Stones.
Fisher Ralph Route 32 Calls during a Qwilfish swarm.
Fisher Wilton Route 44 Calls during a Remoraid swarm, and gives away various Poké Balls.
Hiker Anthony Route 33 Calls during a Dunsparce swarm.
Hiker Parry Route 45 Calls during a Marill swarm.
Juggler Irwin Route 35
Lass Dana Route 38 Crystal only: Gives away Thunderstones.
Mom New Bark Town* Saves the player's money and buys items.
Picnicker Erin Route 46
Picnicker Gina Route 34 Crystal only: Gives away Leaf Stones.
Picnicker Liz Route 32
Picnicker Tiffany Route 43
PokéFan Beverley National Park Requires Marill in party.
PokéFan Derek Route 39
PokéManiac Brent Route 43 Crystal only?
Professor Elm* New Bark Town Calls about major events.
Schoolboy Alan Route 36 Crystal only: Gives away Fire Stones.
Schoolboy Chad Route 38 Calls during a Snubbull swarm.
Schoolboy Jack National Park
Sailor Huey Glitter Lighthouse
Youngster Joey Route 30
The radio function.


The PokéGear functions as a radio. This allows the player to get tips from Professor Oak and DJ Mary on Oak's Pokémon Talk, affect how active wild Pokémon are by playing Pokémon March or Pokémon Lullaby on the Pokémon Music station, or listen to the Lucky Channel to keep track of the Johto Radio Tower's lottery promotion.

Program Host(s) Channel Description
Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk Professor Oak, DJ Mary 4.5 (Johto) Talk show discussing locations where semi-rare Pokémon can be found.
Pokémon Music DJ Ben 7.5 (Johto) Broadcasts music: either a march or a lullaby, depending on the time of day
Lucky Channel Reed 8.5 (Johto) Broadcasts one ID per week; trainers who come to the welcome center with a Pokémon whose ID is similar will win a prize.
Buena's Password Buena 10.5 (Johto) Broadcasts one password per night between 6 PM-12 AM; trainers who come to Buena and recite the password can get points redeemable for prizes (Crystal only).
Un(kn)own Radio Station Unown 13.5 (Johto) Strange noises will play. Ruins of Alph only.
Places and People DJ Lily 16.5 (Kanto) Talk show discussing Kanto locations or trainers the player has faced. Requires EXPN Card in Pokémon Crystal.
Let's All Sing DJ Fern 18.5 (Kanto) Broadcasts music, either a march or a lullaby. Requires EXPN Card in Pokémon Crystal.
Poké Flute (no DJ) 20 (Kanto) Plays Poké Flute music. Used to awaken Snorlax. Requires EXPN Card.
Team Rocket evolution signal (Shown as ?????) Team Rocket HQ 20.5 (Johto) An eerie tune plays over and over. Only plays in Mahogany Town, Route 43, and Lake of Rage. No longer plays when the player has cleared the Team Rocket Hideout.
Team Rocket's announcement (replaces other radio station) Team Rocket Every radio station (Johto) Plays on every radio station once Team Rocket has succeeded in taking over the Radio Tower. A Team Rocket executive announces over the airwaves that they have rejoined, and pleads their boss, Giovanni, to come out of hiding and rejoin them. Begins playing once the player has obtained seven badges, no longer plays when Team Rocket disbands.

A Radio Card is required for this function; this is obtained from a quiz host at the Johto Radio Tower.

An EXPN Card gives the radio the ability to tune into certain stations in Kanto; this is obtained from someone at the Kanto Radio Tower after restoring the power to Kanto.


File:PokeGear anime.PNG
Misty's PokéGear

Many characters in the anime own PokéGears:

For some reason, the backwards 2 was removed from the PokéGears in the dubbing of The Legend of Thunder!

  • Misty also owns one, so that she can keep in contact with Daisy at the Cerulean Gym.


The PokéGear appears as a card in the Neo Genesis set.