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PokéGear artwork by Ken Sugimori

PokéGear is a type of gadget found in Johto. It looks like a large, advanced, wristwatch.

The main character of Pokémon Silver, Pokémon Gold, and Pokémon Crytal receives a PokéGear from their mother at the start of their journey. It has several functions:


The PokéGear displays the day of the week and the time.


The PokéGear displays a map of Johto and later Kanto.


The PokéGear will function like a cellphone, allowing the user to make calls to people that they've traded phone numbers with. This allows the player to talk to other characters and learn informaton from them, such as battling tips or when rare Pokémon appear.

Trainer Phone Listing
Person Location Extra
Bill Goldenrod City Calls when Bill's PC box is full.
Bird Keeper Jose Route 26
Bird Keeper Vance Route 44
Blackbelt Kenji Route 45
Bug Catcher Arnie Route 35 Calls during a Yanma swarm.
Bug Catcher Wade Route 31
Camper Todd Route 34
Cooltrainer Beth Route 27
Cooltrainer Gaven Route 27
Cooltrainer Reena Route 26
Fisher Chris/Tully Route 42 Crystal only: Gives Water Stones. (Note: His name was changed from Chris in Gold/Silver to Tully in Crystal because Chris is a default player name in Crystal version.)
Fisher Ralph Route 32 Calls during a Qwilfish swarm.
Fisher Wilton Route 44 Calls during a Remoraid swarm.
Hiker Anthony Route 33 Calls during a Dunsparce swarm.
Hiker Parry Route 45 Calls during a Marill swarm.
Juggler Irwin Route 35
Lass Dana Route 38 Crystal only: Gives Thunder Stones.
Mom New Bark Town Saves your money and buys items.
Picknicker Erin Route 46
Pikcnicker Gina Route 34 Crystal only: Gives Leaf Stones.
Picnicker Liz Route 32
Pokéfan Beverley National Park
Pokéfan Derek Route 39
Professor Elm New Bark Town Calls about major events.
Schoolboy Alan Route 36 Crystal only: Gives Fire Stones.
Schoolboy Chad Route 38 Calls during a Snubbull swarm.
Schoolboy Jack National Park
Sailor Huey Olivine City
Youngster Joey Route 30


The PokéGear functions as a radio. This allows the player to get tips from Professor Oak and DJ Mary on Oak's Pokémon Talk, affect how active wild Pokémon are by playing Pokémon March or Pokémon Lullaby on the Pokémon Music station, or listen to the Lucky Channel to keep track of the Radio Tower's lottery promotion.

These functions must be unlocked by acquiring special expansion cards throughout the game.

The Hoenn analog to the PokéGear appears to be the PokéNav.