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The Pokédex holders and their main Pokémon as of the Emerald chapter

Pokédex holder (Japanese: ポケモン図鑑所有者, illustrated Pokémon encyclopedia owner), known as Pokédex owner in Chuang Yi's translations, is the term used by Professor Oak in the Pokémon Adventures manga to describe a Trainer that has been given a Pokédex. These Trainers are often very gifted in one particular area, dubbed each's "special skill" by Professor Oak to the ones who received a Pokédex from him. These Trainers all have starter Pokémon from their regional Pokémon Professors, though most already owned or trained Pokémon prior to receiving them.

The Pokédex holders have become a very tight knit group with many of them bonding with their cohorts in their regional adventures and later with their seniors and juniors. In the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter the holders from Kanto and Johto grouped to fight the Masked Man. During the Emerald chapter, the 10 first Pokédex holders reunited at the Battle Frontier to fight against Guile Hideout.

Kanto Pokédex holders

Red, Yellow, Green and Blue

Red - the Fighter

Main article: Red (Adventures)

Red received his Pokédex from Professor Oak after an incident in which all the Pokémon from his Laboratory were released. One of the Pokémon that escaped was a Bulbasaur that was refusing to be caught and hid inside the Viridian Gym. When Red went inside the Gym, a Machoke attacked. Red managed to use the few sunlight coming from a window to order Bulbasaur's SolarBeam and defeat the foe. Professor Oak watched what happened and, amazed by his battling skills, gave him the Bulbasaur and a Pokédex. During the fifth chapter, Red, along with Green and Blue, got upgraded Pokédexes. His old Pokédex was the only one not destroyed, and was given to Yellow.

Red won the Pokémon League and became a Champion. He is able to precisely take quick decisions during a battle, turning the movements of opponents against themselves. Due to his skill, he is defined as the Fighter (Japanese: 戦う者 Fighter).

Blue - the Trainer

Main article: Blue (Adventures)

Blue Oak is the grandson of Professor Oak and was the first to receive a Pokédex. His Pokédex was first seen in Viridian Forest, where Blue was seen using it to gather data on the Pokémon he was catching. During a battle against a Kangaskhan, he pulled his Pokédex and noticed that Red was also given one by his grandfather. Much to his disdain, as he knew someone also received a Pokédex, but not a Trainer like Red. In the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter, his Pokédex got destroyed along with Green's, but was later replaced by an upgraded Pokédex.

Through tough training, Blue increases the level of his Pokémon, making them apt to dispute in battles against the best Trainers, even using the ones he raised from scratch. Due to his skill, he is defined as the Trainer (Japanese: 育てる者 Trainer).

Green - the Evolver

Main article: Green (Adventures)

The first time Green went in Professor Oak's Laboratory was when she stole his Squirtle. Later, at the Pokémon League semi-finals, Green had a battle against Dr. O, who used a team of bird Pokémon, knowing the ornithophobia she acquired after being kidnapped by a bird Pokémon at the age of five. After being defeated by him, his true identity was revealed to be Professor Oak himself, who already knew of her coming from the beginning and had let her steal his Pokémon since it was already intended to be hers. Then, he handed over her own Pokédex. During the fifth chapter, she, Red, and Blue received upgraded Pokédexes. However, her old one was destroyed along with Blue's.

During the time she was kidnapped, Green was prepared to develop her knowledge on Pokémon evolution, having won important battles with the appropriate use of evolutionary stones. Due to her skill, she is defined as the Evolver (Japanese: 化える者 Evolver).

Yellow - the Healer

Main article: Yellow (Adventures)

Yellow showed up in Professor Oak's Lab after seeing a hurt Pika to find out Red's whereabouts. The Professor refused to let Yellow go with Pika and attacked with his Spearow, to what Dody countered in a way that neither Pokémon was hurt in the end. Impressed by the connection with Pokémon and their instinct in trusting Yellow, the Professor decided that he should also trust Yellow and gave Red's Pokédex to Yellow to deliver to him. By the end of the fifth chapter, Red, Blue and Green had received upgraded Pokédexes. Since Blue's and Green's were destroyed by Deoxys, Red's Pokédex was the only one still working; Red gave this Pokédex to Yellow while she was unconscious.

As a native of Viridian Forest, Yellow has special abilities such as healing with a touch. Due to her skill, she is defined as the Healer (Japanese: 癒やす者 Healer).

Johto Pokédex holders

Crystal, Gold and Silver

Gold - the Hatcher

Main article: Gold (Adventures)

When Professor Oak told how the Pokédex can be used in battle, Gold asked for one. The Professor said that Pokédexes are meant for research purposes, and the ones he trusted the device were responsible young people who were willing to help others with their strengths, unlike Gold that only cares about his goal and would reduce it to a tool in battle. After much insistence, the Professor asked how Gold sees his Pokémon, to what the boy replied that they are his "partners". For the good answer, the Pokédex was given to him. During the ninth chapter, Gold received an upgraded Pokédex.

Gold's ability as a Pokédex holder was the last to be revealed in the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter. While he desperately wondered what was his specialty, the Egg he was holding hatched given his will to protect it. Due to his skill, he is defined as the Hatcher (Japanese: 孵す者 Hatcher).

Silver - the Exchanger

Main article: Silver (Adventures)

Silver's Pokédex was first seen during his battle against Gold and then used against Team Rocket Grunts. Later in the story, Professor Oak explained that it was stolen from his 2nd Research Center in Cherrygrove City, the same way that Silver stole the Totodile from Professor Elm's Lab in New Bark Town. He guessed that Silver was the thief after hearing from Green about the time she and he were under the Masked Man's control. During the HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter, Silver received an upgraded Pokédex.

During the time he was kidnapped, Silver was prepared to develop his knowledge on Pokémon trades, with many of the Pokémon in his team obtained or evolved through trades. Due to his skill, he is defined as the Exchanger (Japanese: 換える者 Exchanger).

Crystal - the Catcher

Main article: Crystal (Adventures)

While Professor Oak was looking for a reliable Trainer to collect Pokémon data for him, he got information from Bill that there was a catcher who would do it for something in return. When the Professor went to Earl Dervish's Pokémon academy for the meeting, a bunch of Slugma attacked a little girl. To protect her, a girl named Crystal used her Pokémon and special Poké Balls to catch them all. Amazed by her catching skills, he gave her a Pokédex and, in return, repaired the old academy. During the ninth chapter, Crystal received an upgraded Pokédex.

Crystal is the only holder that actually attempts to fill the Pokédex with data, and went through special training since she was very young, having caught Pokémon by hundreds. Due to her skill, she is defined as the Catcher (Japanese: 捕える者 Capturer).

Hoenn Pokédex holders

Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby

Ruby - Charm

Main article: Ruby (Adventures)

Ruby accidentally kept the Pokédex that Professor Birch had for his fieldwork to help him defeat the two Mightyena that were attacking him. When Ruby was going to retrieve the Professor's bag, his Running Shoes activated and he fell from a cliff, being saved and taken to a cave by Sapphire. Ruby left her with a letter, telling her to return her father's goods, but forgot the Pokédex in his pocket. In Oldale Town, when he was attacked by a Dustox, the Pokédex resonated and once again helped Ruby to defeat the Pokémon. He decided to keep it so that he could escape in time from the new Pokémon he would meet.

Whether obtaining Contest Ribbons or fighting against enemies, Ruby always prioritizes charm (Japanese: 魅せる) in his actions, being this his special skill.

Sapphire - Quest

Main article: Sapphire (Adventures)

Sapphire Birch is Professor Birch's daughter. While she was doing fieldwork, Sapphire saw Ruby falling down from a cliff and got him by swinging on hanging vines. She took him to her secret base, where they started a scuffle over their different views on Pokémon. In the middle of their battle, a Seviper appeared and attacked them. In order to defeat it, she used a Pokédex to get data about the Pokémon. She explained to Ruby that she was keeping it to help her father in his researches. When her quest on challenging all Gyms in Hoenn started, Sapphire took the Pokédex with her.

Sapphire accomplished the feat of obtaining all 8 Gym Badges in 80 days. Her special skill consists of always mastering whatever she quests for (Japanese: 究める).

Emerald - Calm

Main article: Emerald (Adventures)

Emerald was recommended by the Trick Master to live in Earl Dervish's Pokémon academy, to overcome the bullying he suffered, which made him reluctant to interact with other children and with Pokémon. When Emerald arrived at the academy, he was impressed by Crystal's dedication for others, working hard to fulfill the Pokédex for Professor Oak to get repairs in the building and new clothes for the homeless children in return. He then decided to ask for a Pokédex so that he could also help others. In the Goldenrod Radio Tower, Emerald called the Professor with a message saying that he wanted a Pokédex so that he could live together with Pokémon. Yet, Professor Oak registered Emerald as the owner of the Pokédex but didn't give it to him, saying that he lied about wanting to be with Pokémon, since Earl declared that he avoids any contact with them. Only when Emerald found his own path in relating with Pokémon, the Professor accepted to give him the Pokédex. He then had to head to Hoenn, where his Pokédex was with Professor Birch.

One of the gadgets used by Emerald shoots dirt from a Pokémon's birthplace around it, acting similar to a Capture Styler. This method defines Emerald's special skill to calm (Japanese: 鎮める) rampant Pokémon down.

Sinnoh Pokédex holders

Pearl, Platinum and Diamond

As a member of nobility, Lady Berlitz must meet the tradition of making an artifact from materials found on the peak of Mt. Coronet, as the other heirs of her family. For the journey, Professor Rowan gave her a suitcase with three Pokédexes, Pokétches and the three Sinnoh starters to be used by the Lady and the two bodyguards hired by her father, that she was supposed to meet in front of Jubilife Condominiums.

Diamond and Pearl are childhood friends from Twinleaf Town that aim to become masters of comedy. They took part in a contest held by Jubilife TV that would reward the best stand-up comedians, but failed in their performance. However, they received a special prize for their peculiar humor, tickets for a travel. Before opening the envelope with the tickets, they bumped against Professor Rowan and his assistant (Lady Berlitz's father) in the middle of a crowd and ended up having their envelope exchanged with the one containing instructions for the Lady's bodyguards on their travel to Mt. Coronet. Arriving at the meeting point, they assumed she was a tour guide for their trip, while she thought they were her bodyguards, giving each a Pokémon, a Pokétch and a Pokédex. The trio traveled around Sinnoh until the misunderstanding was clarified, when she decided to reveal her first name, Platinum.

Their special skills match the lake guardians they have bonded with. Diamond is guided by the emotion he feels (Japanese: 感じる), Pearl is full of willpower on whatever he intends (Japanese: 志す) to do, and Platinum knows (Japanese: 知る) about various subjects due to the outstanding knowledge she is imbued with.

Unova Pokédex holders

White and Black

Black - Dream

Main article: Black (Adventures)

Professor Juniper sent a package with three Pokédexes and three Pokémon to Black, Cheren and Bianca. The box was supposed to be delivered at Black's house, but he was so eager to receive it that waited all night outside the Juniper Pokémon Lab. When the deliveryman gave the package to him, he opened it to choose his starter before his friends. But as it rained the day before, Black was drenched and sneezed on the box, releasing the three Pokémon and letting two of the Pokédexes fall on a pond. He went after one of the Pokémon that escaped and started his adventure, leaving Cheren and Bianca behind with two broken Pokédexes.

Since his childhood, Black is devoted to his objective of winning the Unova League to become the Champion. His dedication to the dream (Japanese: 夢みる) he follows is his special skill.


Main article: White (Adventures)

During Black's journey, he ended up working for White, the president of the BW Agency. She managed Pokémon actors for movies but had never trained a single Pokémon before. Later on, White learned the qualifications of a Pokémon Trainer from the very beginning, such as catching, battling and evolving. When she already had a full team of six Pokémon, Bianca gave White her Pokédex and she became a Pokédex holder.

Former Pokédex holders


Main article: Wally (Adventures)

Wally found Professor Birch's bag adrift in the sea during the flood caused by Kyogre's rampage. Inside the bag was a Pokédex and a Treecko. Wally temporarily used the Pokédex and the Pokémon when he was helping Norman to awaken Rayquaza in the Sky Pillar. After the cataclysmic battle between Kyogre and Groudon ceased, Wally sent the Pokédex back to Professor Birch, who gave it to its registered owner, Emerald.

In the magazine releases of Pokémon Adventures, there was a scene in which Wally was registered as owner of the Pokédex he found. This scene did not appear in the volume releases, turning him into a mere user of Emerald's Pokédex.


Main article: Bianca (Adventures)

Bianca, along with Cheren and Black, was chosen by Professor Juniper to fill the Pokédex with data. Even though Black made her Pokédex unusable, Bianca left on her journey, sometimes meeting with Cheren, Black and/or White. When her Pokédex was fixed, Bianca decided to give it to White.


Main article: Cheren (Adventures)

Although Cheren was chosen by Professor Juniper to have a Pokédex, Team Plasma's actions made him see the device as an excuse to trap Pokémon in Poké Balls, and that the strength he pursues could be achieved without it. Cheren then decided to be not a Pokédex holder any longer.


Throughout the series, some characters had relevant association with the usage of Pokédexes, though they do not belong to the Pokédex holders group.

  • Professor Birch was using Emerald's Pokédex before it was lost and later found by Wally.
  • Before the Pokédex was upgraded in the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter, Carr duplicated Red's into a "black Pokédex". It was seen being held by Giovanni and by the Three Beasts.
  • Paka and Uji would have been Pokédex holders if the mixup with Professor Rowan and Professor Berlitz with Diamond and Pearl did not happen.


  • All Pokédex holders are named after the main series games.
  • Every Pokédex holder named after an English third version is known by another name. Yellow is also called Amarillo del Bosque Verde, Crystal's nickname is Crys, Emerald is called Rald by Latios and Latias, and Platinum was previously known as Lady Berlitz.

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