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Pokéblocks in the anime.
Pokéblock case

Pokéblocks (Japanese: ポロック Polock) are colorful candy blocks made for Pokémon and are primarily used to increase a Pokémon's condition in one of five areas: Cool, Beauty, Cute, Smart, and/or Tough, for Pokémon Contests. It is unknown whether they are a hard (like pez) or soft (like gum) type of candy. It is also unknown whether they are designed to be sucked or chewed. The Generation IV equivalent of Pokéblocks are Poffins.

Pokéblocks are used to prepare a Pokémon for Pokémon Contests by raising its condition in the category it will participate in, as well as the two adjacent attributes. The better its condition in those areas and the better its luster, the better the Pokémon will perform in the preliminary judging. Pokéblocks are also used in Hoenn's Safari Zone in feeders to attract Pokémon of certain Natures. Also in the Safari Zone, Pokéblocks can be thrown at a Wild Pokémon to make it less likely to escape.

A Pokéblock case is required before Pokéblocks can be made. It stores them for later use, and can be obtained by speaking to a small girl in the Hyper Rank Contest Hall in Slateport City in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and in the Contest Hall in Lilycove City in Pokémon Emerald.

Making Pokéblocks

May's Pokéblock's effect on Grovyle

Pokéblocks are made by mixing Berries with one to three other people in a Berry Blender, found at Contest Halls. Once Berries are selected, the center of the blender will spin. When the blender's arrow points to the player's marker, the player can push the A button to make it spin faster. The faster it spins, the better the Pokéblock. If the button is pushed outside of the player's marker, the arrow will spin slower, resulting in bad Pokéblocks. Once it is done, each participant receives a Pokéblock.

Flavor and Color

The flavor and color of Pokéblock depends on the Berries used to make the Pokéblock. In the process of blending, Berries with a sour flavor cancel out bitter, bitter cancels sweet, sweet cancels dry, dry cancels spicy, and spicy cancels sour. Pokémon of different Natures will prefer different Pokéblock flavors. If the Pokémon happily eats the Pokéblock, its condition will increase faster, whereas if it disdainfully eats the Pokéblock, its condition will rise slower. In the anime, like in the games, the Pokémon react on whether they like the flavor or not.


Mightyena being fed a Purple Pokéblock

The Level of a Pokéblock depends on the Berries used and the speed of the Berry Blender. One can make higher-level Pokéblocks using different Berries with the same kind of flavor. The Level will also increase as the speed of the blender increases. A higher level Pokéblock will increase the Pokémon's condition more than a lower level Pokéblock.


The Feel of a Pokéblock depends on the Berries used and the number of people using the Berry Blender. The more people blending together, the lower the Feel. The Feel is determined by the average Smoothness of the Berries used, subtract the number of people blending. Often the more rare Berries (which typically have a stronger flavor) will have a higher Smoothness. A Pokémon can only eat so many Pokéblocks, as indicated by stars that eventually circle the Pokémon when checking its condition in the PokéNav. The higher the Feel of a Pokéblock, the faster it will fill a Pokémon up. More low-feel Pokéblocks can be fed to a Pokémon than high-feel ones.

List of Pokéblock Colors

May with her "May's Purple Surprise"
Red Pokéblock
A spicy Pokéblock that raises Coolness.
Blue Pokéblock
A dry Pokéblock that raises Beauty.
Pink Pokéblock
A sweet Pokéblock that raises Cuteness.
Green Pokéblock
A bitter Pokéblock that raises Smartness.
Yellow Pokéblock
A sour Pokéblock that raises Toughness.
Purple Pokéblock
A mostly spicy Pokéblock that raises Coolness and another attribute.
Indigo Pokéblock
A mostly dry Pokéblock that raises Beauty and another attribute.
Brown Pokéblock
A mostly sweet Pokéblock that raises Cuteness and another attribute.
LiteBlue Pokéblock
A mostly bitter Pokéblock that raises Smartness and another attribute.
Olive Pokéblock
A mostly sour Pokéblock that raises Toughness and another attribute.
Black Pokéblock
A low level Pokéblock that is created when at least 2 of the same type of Berry are blended, or when their flavors cancel out.
Gold Pokéblock
A high level Pokéblock (above 50) that raises one or two attributes.
Gray Pokéblock
A three-flavor Pokéblock that raises three attributes.
White Pokéblock
A four-flavor Pokéblock that raises four attributes.

Berry Blender results

  • Result 1: Pokéblock color achieved when berry blending is done by two people.
  • Result 2: Pokéblock color achieved when berry blending is done by three people.
  • Result 3: Pokéblock color achieved when berry blending is done by four people.

Berry name Result 1 Result 2 Result 3 Grade
Cheri Berry Red Red Red C
Chesto Berry Blue Blue Blue C
Pecha Berry Pink Pink Pink C
Rawst Berry Green Green Green C
Aspear Berry Yellow Yellow Yellow C
Leppa Berry Red Purple Purple B
Oran Berry Blue Indigo Indigo C
Persim Berry Pink Brown Purple C
Lum Berry Green Purple Indigo C
Sitrus Berry Yellow Indigo Brown C
Figy Berry Red Purple Purple B
Wiki Berry Blue Indigo Indigo B
Mago Berry Pink Brown Brown B
Aguav Berry Green LiteBlue LiteBlue B
Iapapa Berry Yellow Olive Olive B
Razz Berry Purple Purple Purple C
Bluk Berry Indigo Indigo Indigo C
Nanab Berry Brown Brown Purple C
Wepear Berry LiteBlue Purple Indigo C
Pinap Berry Purple Indigo Brown C
Pomeg Berry Purple Gray Purple B
Kelpsy Berry Indigo Gray Indigo B
Qualot Berry Brown Gray Purple B
Hondew Berry LiteBlue Gray Indigo B
Grepa Berry Olive Gray Brown B
Tamato Berry Purple Purple Purple B
Cornn Berry Indigo Indigo Indigo B
Magost Berry Brown Brown Brown B
Rabuta Berry LiteBlue LiteBlue LiteBlue B
Nomel Berry Olive Olive Olive B
Spelon Berry Purple Purple Purple A
Pamtre Berry Indigo Indigo Indigo A
Watmel Berry Gold Brown Brown A
Durin Berry LiteBlue LiteBlue LiteBlue A
Belue Berry Olive Olive Gold A
Liechi Berry Gold Gold Gold A+


  • Pokéblock bears some similarity to the popular candy Pez. They are both small candies that are stored in a dispenser.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 能量方塊 Néngliàng Fāngkuài
Finland Flag.png Finnish Pokéherkku
France Flag.png French Pokébloc
Germany Flag.png German Pokériegel
Italy Flag.png Italian Pokémelle
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포록 Polock
Spain Flag.png Spanish PokéCubos
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Pokékex

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