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File:Poké Spot Monitor.jpg
The Poké Spot Monitor keeping tabs on the Poké Spots

Poké Spots (Japanese: ポケスポット Poké Spot) are locations in Orre where wild Pokémon can be battled and captured. Since the majority of Orre is a wasteland, it does not have the abundance of wild Pokémon found in other regions and thus Poké Spots are rare. Only three are known. The three Poke Spots are called the Rock Poké Spot, the Oasis Poké Spot and the Cave Poké Spot. The Pokémon found at the three spots loosely correspond to the terrain of the spot.

Wild Pokémon are only lured into the open at a Poké Spot if Poké Snacks are left there. Ten Poké Snacks can be left at any one spot, and they will slowly be eaten away if a wild Pokémon arrives. During this period, Michael will be notified of activity at the Poké Spot by his P★DA. If he arrives before all the Poké Snacks are eaten, he can battle the wild Pokémon.

Sometimes instead of a wild Pokémon, the Munchlax owned by the Herb Shop owner from Gateon Port will arrive at a Poké Spot and eat the Poké Snacks. Instead of battling the Munchlax, its Trainer will arrive as well, giving Michael 10 Poké Snacks to compensate any the Munchlax may have eaten. The runaway Bonsly can also appear at these spots after having been scared off the S.S. Libra by Michael's P★DA for a biography; the Bonsly can be returned to its Trainer using the same tactics attempted aboard the S.S. Libra; by approaching it slowly.


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List of Poké Spots

Rock Poké Spot

Found in the eastern portion of Orre, close to the Outskirt Stand, this Poké Spot is a small desert clearing surrounded by canyon cliffs.

Three Pokémon can be found here:

Pokémon Levels Rate
Menu XD 027.png 10 - 22 Common
Menu XD 207.png 10 - 22 Uncommon
Menu XD 328.png 10 - 22 Rare

Oasis Poké Spot

Found in the western portion of Orre, close to Pyrite Town, this Poké Spot is a small peninsula with rich flora that is an oasis in the middle of the desert. The map on Pokémon XD describes it as "a lush, oasis-like Poké Spot where wild Pokémon appear." When Micheal is not battling here, this Poké Spot is circular and almost entirely surrounded by water. Bordering the edge of the Oasis Poké Spot is a circle of grass dotted with several rocks and five palm trees. Inside the circle of grass are smaller concentric circles of sand and grass in a pattern similar to a Poké ball with a stone platform at the center for the placement of Poké Snacks.

Three Pokémon can be found here:

Pokémon Levels Rate
Menu XD 187.png 10 - 22 Common
Menu XD 231.png 10 - 22 Uncommon
Menu XD 283.png 10 - 22 Rare

Cave Poké Spot

Found in the northern portion of Orre, on the side of Mt. Battle, this Poké Spot is a small area in a cavern full of stalagmites and stalactites. In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, Michael's first encounter with Miror B. is here.

Three Pokémon can be found here:

Pokémon Levels Rate
Menu XD 041.png 10 - 22 Common
Menu XD 304.png 10 - 22 Uncommon
Menu XD 194.png 10 - 22 Rare


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