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File:Poke Doll tag.jpg
An old American Poké Doll hang tag

Poké Doll, originally known as Pokémon PlushPlush, is a line of plush toys released in Japan by The Pokémon Company and in the United States by The Pokémon Company International. A smaller number of them have been released in the United Kingdom under the name Pokémon Mini Plush. They are named after an in-game item and designed as chibi versions of various Pokémon. The toys are currently sold only at Pokémon Center retail stores, the Nintendo World Store in New York City, Pokémon Center kiosks in select U.S. malls, and the Mitsukoshi store in Epcot's Japan pavilion at Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida. Normal Poké Dolls usually stand about 6 inches tall, but some Pokémon are available in larger 12 inch versions or as smaller plush keychains. Additionally, die-cut keychains portraying Pokémon in a similar chibi style are produced under the Poké Doll name.

Not all the Poké Dolls have been released in the United States. Some recent Poké Dolls from Japan have received a limited U.S. release.

List of Pokémon available as Poké Dolls

File:Leafeon tag.jpg
A recent Poké Doll hang tag from Japan. The new tags depict chibi artwork that match the doll style and make every tag unique to the Pokémon.
Icon Pokémon
001MS.png Bulbasaur
002MS.png Ivysaur
003MS.png Venusaur
004MS.png Charmander
005MS.png Charmeleon
006MS.png Charizard
007MS.png Squirtle
008MS.png Wartortle
009MS.png Blastoise
010MS.png Caterpie
012MS.png Butterfree
016MS.png Pidgey
017MS.png Pidgeotto
021MS.png Spearow
023MS.png Ekans
024MS.png Arbok
025MS.png Pikachu
026MS.png Raichu
027MS.png Sandshrew
035MS.png Clefairy
036MS.png Clefable
037MS.png Vulpix
039MS.png Jigglypuff
040MS.png Wigglytuff
041MS.png Zubat
042MS.png Golbat
043MS.png Oddish
045MS.png Vileplume
052MS.png Meowth
054MS.png Psyduck
056MS.png Mankey
058MS.png Growlithe
059MS.png Arcanine
060MS.png Poliwag
061MS.png Poliwhirl
065MS.png Alakazam
066MS.png Machop
068MS.png Machamp
072MS.png Tentacool
074MS.png Geodude
079MS.png Slowpoke
086MS.png Seel
088MS.png Grimer
092MS.png Gastly
093MS.png Haunter
094MS.png Gengar
100MS.png Voltorb
101MS.png Electrode
106MS.png Hitmonlee
107MS.png Hitmonchan
108MS.png Lickitung
109MS.png Koffing
113MS.png Chansey
116MS.png Horsea
118MS.png Goldeen
120MS.png Staryu
122MS.png Mr. Mime
126MS.png Magmar
129MS.png Magikarp
130MS.png Gyarados
131MS.png Lapras
132MS.png Ditto *
133MS.png Eevee
134MS.png Vaporeon
135MS.png Jolteon
136MS.png Flareon
143MS.png Snorlax
144MS.png Articuno
145MS.png Zapdos
146MS.png Moltres
147MS.png Dratini
149MS.png Dragonite
150MS.png Mewtwo
151MS.png Mew
152MS.png Chikorita
153MS.png Bayleef
155MS.png Cyndaquil
156MS.png Quilava
157MS.png Typhlosion
158MS.png Totodile
159MS.png Croconaw
160MS.png Feraligatr
161MS.png Sentret
163MS.png Furret
164MS.png Noctowl
165MS.png Ledyba
172MS.png Pichu
172MS.png Spiky-eared Pichu
173MS.png Cleffa
174MS.png Igglybuff
175MS.png Togepi
177MS.png Natu
179MS.png Mareep
181MS.png Ampharos
182MS.png Bellossom
183MS.png Marill
185MS.png Sudowoodo
186MS.png Politoed
187MS.png Hoppip
190MS.png Aipom
192MS.png Sunflora
193MS.png Yanma
194MS.png Wooper
195MS.png Quagsire
196MS.png Espeon
197MS.png Umbreon
198MS.png Murkrow
199MS.png Slowking
201MS.png Unown
202MS.png Wobbuffet
207MS.png Gligar
209MS.png Snubbull
214MS.png Heracross
215MS.png Sneasel
216MS.png Teddiursa
222MS.png Corsola
225MS.png Delibird
228MS.png Houndour
229MS.png Houndoom
231MS.png Phanpy
232MS.png Donphan
233MS.png Porygon2 *
235MS.png Smeargle
237MS.png Hitmontop
238MS.png Smoochum
239MS.png Elekid
240MS.png Magby
242MS.png Blissey
243MS.png Raikou
244MS.png Entei
245MS.png Suicune
246MS.png Larvitar
249MS.png Lugia
249SMS.png Shadow Lugia
250MS.png Ho-Oh
251MS.png Celebi
252MS.png Treecko
253MS.png Grovyle
254MS.png Sceptile
255MS.png Torchic
256MS.png Combusken
257MS.png Blaziken
258MS.png Mudkip
260MS.png Swampert
276MS.png Taillow
278MS.png Wingull
279MS.png Pelipper
280MS.png Ralts
281MS.png Kirlia
282MS.png Gardevoir
292MS.png Shedinja
293MS.png Whismur
294MS.png Loudred
298MS.png Azurill
299MS.png Nosepass
300MS.png Skitty
302MS.png Sableye
307MS.png Meditite
311MS.png Plusle
312MS.png Minun
313MS.png Volbeat
315MS.png Roselia
316MS.png Gulpin
320MS.png Wailmer
321MS.png Wailord
325MS.png Spoink
327MS.png Spinda
330MS.png Flygon
331MS.png Cacnea
334MS.png Altaria
340MS.png Whiscash (Jumbo Poké Doll)
341MS.png Corphish
350MS.png Milotic
351MS.png Castform (Rainy form)
352MS.png Kecleon
353MS.png Shuppet
354MS.png Banette
355MS.png Duskull
357MS.png Tropius
358MS.png Chimecho
359MS.png Absol
360MS.png Wynaut
363MS.png Spheal
370MS.png Luvdisc
373MS.png Salamence
376MS.png Metagross
380MS.png Latias
381MS.png Latios
382MS.png Kyogre
383MS.png Groudon
384MS.png Rayquaza
385MS.png Jirachi
386MS.png Deoxys (Normal Forme)
386AMS.png Deoxys (Attack Forme)
386DMS.png Deoxys (Defense Forme)
387MS.png Turtwig
388MS.png Grotle
389MS.png Torterra
390MS.png Chimchar
391MS.png Monferno
392MS.png Infernape
393MS.png Piplup
394MS.png Prinplup
395MS.png Empoleon
396MS.png Starly
397MS.png Staravia
398MS.png Staraptor
399MS.png Bidoof
400MS.png Bibarel
401MS.png Kricketot
403MS.png Shinx
404MS.png Luxio
405MS.png Luxray
406MS.png Budew
407MS.png Roserade
408MS.png Cranidos
410MS.png Shieldon
412MS.png Burmy (Plant Cloak)
412GMS.png Burmy (Sandy Cloak)
412SMS.png Burmy (Trash Cloak)
413MS.png Wormadam (Plant Cloak)
415MS.png Combee
417MS.png Pachirisu
418MS.png Buizel
420MS.png Cherubi
421MS.png Cherrim
422MS.png Shellos (West Sea)
422EMS.png Shellos (East Sea)
424MS.png Ambipom
425MS.png Drifloon
427MS.png Buneary
429MS.png Mismagius
431MS.png Glameow
433MS.png Chingling
434MS.png Stunky
436MS.png Bronzor
437MS.png Bronzong
438MS.png Bonsly
439MS.png Mime Jr.
440MS.png Happiny
441MS.png Chatot
442MS.png Spiritomb
446MS.png Munchlax
447MS.png Riolu
448MS.png Lucario
453MS.png Croagunk
455MS.png Carnivine
458MS.png Mantyke
459MS.png Snover
461MS.png Weavile
463MS.png Lickilicky
466MS.png Electivire
467MS.png Magmortar
468MS.png Togekiss
470MS.png Leafeon
471MS.png Glaceon
473MS.png Mamoswine
474MS.png Porygon-Z
475MS.png Gallade
476MS.png Probopass
479MS.png Rotom
480MS.png Uxie
481MS.png Mesprit
482MS.png Azelf
483MS.png Dialga
484MS.png Palkia
485MS.png Heatran
486MS.png Regigigas
487MS.png Giratina (Altered Forme)
487OMS.png Giratina (Origin Forme)
488MS.png Cresselia
489MS.png Phione
490MS.png Manaphy
491MS.png Darkrai
492MS.png Shaymin (Land Forme)
492SMS.png Shaymin (Sky Forme)
493MS.png Arceus
494MS.png Victini
495MS.png Snivy
496MS.png Servine
497MS.png Serperior
498MS.png Tepig
499MS.png Pignite
500MS.png Emboar
501MS.png Oshawott
502MS.png Dewott
503MS.png Samurott
504MS.png Patrat
505MS.png Watchog
506MS.png Lillipup
508MS.png Stoutland
509MS.png Purrloin
511MS.png Pansage
513MS.png Pansear
515MS.png Panpour
517MS.png Munna
518MS.png Musharna
519MS.png Pidove
522MS.png Blitzle
523MS.png Zebstrika
527MS.png Woobat
529MS.png Drilbur
531MS.png Audino
532MS.png Timburr
535MS.png Tympole
538MS.png Throh
539MS.png Sawk
540MS.png Sewaddle
546MS.png Cottonee
547MS.png Whimsicott
548MS.png Petilil
550MS.png Basculin (Red-Striped)
550BMS.png Basculin (Blue-Striped)
551MS.png Sandile
554MS.png Darumaka
557MS.png Dwebble
559MS.png Scraggy
561MS.png Sigilyph
562MS.png Yamask
563MS.png Cofagrigus
564MS.png Tirtouga
568MS.png Trubbish
570MS.png Zorua
571MS.png Zoroark
572MS.png Minccino
573MS.png Cinccino
574MS.png Gothita
576MS.png Gothitelle
579MS.png Reuniclus
580MS.png Ducklett
582MS.png Vanillite
585MS.png Deerling (Spring)
585SMS.png Deerling (Summer)
585AMS.png Deerling (Autumn)
585WMS.png Deerling (Winter)
586SMS.png Sawsbuck (Summer)
586AMS.png Sawsbuck (Autumn)
587MS.png Emolga
588MS.png Karrablast
590MS.png Foongus
593MS.png Jellicent (Male)
594MS.png Alomomola
595MS.png Joltik
598MS.png Ferrothorn
599MS.png Klink
602MS.png Tynamo
603MS.png Eelektrik
605MS.png Elgyem
607MS.png Litwick
608MS.png Lampent
610MS.png Axew
613MS.png Cubchoo
614MS.png Beartic
619MS.png Mienfoo
625MS.png Bisharp
626MS.png Bouffalant
628MS.png Braviary
630MS.png Mandibuzz
643MS.png Reshiram
644MS.png Zekrom


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