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Poké Cup (Japanese: ニンテンドウカップ Nintendo Cup) is one of the four Stadium Cups, appearing in both Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Stadium 2.

It is presented as being the officially-sponsored Pokémon League tournament, though unlike what would be thought, not all Pokémon are allowed for use. More specifically, Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh and Celebi are all disallowed.

The Cup has a level restriction on it as well, only allowing Pokémon between the levels of 50 and 55 to compete. In addition, the three-Pokémon team chosen by the player at the beginning of a battle may not have a total level sum above 155. This means as well that the six-Pokémon team chosen to compete can't have more than four Pokémon of level 55.

There are four levels that may be challenged; each level up must be unlocked by defeating the eight Trainers on the previous level.


Poké Cup
Level Limit?Bag Nest Ball Sprite.png 50-55
Total Level?Bag Level Ball Sprite.png 155
Sleep Clause?Bag Chesto Berry Sprite.png Yes
Freeze Clause?Bag Aspear Berry Sprite.png Yes
Species Clause?Bag Repeat Ball Sprite.png Yes
Item Clause?Bag Leftovers Sprite.png Yes
Self-KO Clause?100 Yes
Event Clause?Bag Cherish Ball Sprite.png Yes
Time Limit?Bag Timer Ball Sprite.png No

Banned Pokémon
150 150 Mewtwo Psychic
151 151 Mew Psychic
249 249 Lugia Psychic Flying
250 250 Ho-Oh Fire Flying
251 251 Celebi Psychic Grass

Rental Pokémon

Main article: List of Poké Cup Rental Pokémon in Pokémon Stadium

In other languages

Language Title
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Poké Copa

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