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A Poké Ball
File:Open PokeBall.gif
Interior of a Poké Ball from the anime.

A Poké Ball is critical in any trainer's quest. It is used for capturing and storing wild Pokémon; a trainer may carry as many Poké Balls and ball variants as they desire. However, a trainer may only carry up to 6 Pokémon at a time. Therefore, if a trainer owns more than 6 Pokémon, they may be stored in a Pokémon storage system, and withdrawn or deposited at any Pokémon Center. There are 4 different basic levels of Poké Ball, and over a dozen variations on the Poké Ball design throughout the games.

A Poké Ball's strength is determined by how much it raises a wild Pokémon's catch rate. Many Poké Ball's strengths change based on certain conditions.

Basic Types of Poké Ball

Catch rate
File:01 PokeBall.gif Poké Ball
File:GreatBall.jpg Great Ball 1.5×
Safari Ball 1.5×
Ultra Ball
Master Ball -1
  • 1: Master Balls always catches the wild Pokémon.

Pokémon Gold/Pokémon Silver Poké Balls

File:Custom Balls.jpg
Three of Kurt's Custom Poké Balls
Made from Catch rate
Park Ball 1.5×
Level Ball Red Apricorn If your Pokémon's level is:
  • Higher than the wild Pokémon's, 2×;
  • Double or higher than the wild Pokémon's, 4×;
  • Four times or higher, 8×.
Lure Ball Blu Apricorn If wild Pokémon was hooked on a rod, 3×.
Moon Ball Ylw Apricorn If wild Pokémon evolves with a Moon Stone, 4×.
Friend Ball2 Grn Apricorn
Fast Ball Wht Apricorn If wild Pokémon is one that flees from battles3, 4×.
Heavy Ball Blk Apricorn If the wild Pokémon is:
  • Between 100kg and 200kg, normal;
  • Between 200kg and 300kg, +20;
  • More than 300kg, +30;
  • Under 100kg, -20.
Love Ball Pnk Apricorn If your Pokémon and the wild Pokémon are opposite genders, 8×

Pokémon Ruby/Pokémon Sapphire Poké Balls

Catch rate
File:LuxuryBall.gif Luxury Ball
File:PremierBall.gif Premier Ball
File:NetBall.gif Net Ball If wild Pokémon is a Bug-type or Water-type, 3×.
File:DiveBall.gif Dive Ball If battling underwater, 3.5×.
File:NestBall.gif Nest Ball If the wild Pokémon is:
  • Between level 1 and level 19, 3×;
  • Between level 20 and level 29, 2×;
  • Above level 30, 1×.
File:RepeatBall.gif Repeat Ball If one of the wild Pokémon's species has been caught before, 3×.
File:TimerBall.gif Timer Ball If the number of turns that have passed is:
  • Between 1 and 9, 1×;
  • Between 10 and 19, 2×;
  • Between 20 and 29, 3×;
  • More than 30, 4×.